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student teacher


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I have a student teacher that finishes next week. I want to get her a gift. Any suggestions?



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What grade level?
My first thought was one of the desk-sized Rubbermaid drawers filled with stickers, pens, other teacher supplies....but I teach first grade.


My gift

I finished in December. My cooperating teacher and class raised money for me (they each brought in some money) and then they all presented it to me in a card. They want me to use the money to buy supplies for my first classroom! It means so much to me. They were going to go the gift card route, but then they realized that I don't know where I'll be teaching and may need to use it at another store, instead of the local one. Anyway, as they instructed, when I get my first job, I am going to go to the nearest teacher store to get things for my classroom.I have the card and the money in my room right now, and I cry every time I look at it. It reminds me so much of them.


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My student teaching class gave me a book they had made. Each student had a page and they wrote "How to be a good teacher" and their own ideas (first grade). And then drew a picture. My Cooperating Teacher put each of their pictures on their page, and then they all signed the final page. It was REALLY sweet.


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st gift

When I was student teaching, my biggest issue was time management.
In my file folder container I recieved-
file folders
a timerLOL
expo markers
bright paper
a picture frame with a pic of from the fieldtrip


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In high school, my yearbook sponsor had a student teacher. Our yearbook staff worked together to laminate and punch out bullentin board letters in different colors. We pitched in to by an expanding file and punched out lots of letters in like 10 different colors.

When I student taught, one teacher gave me the book The Essential 55, some post-its, pens, and some other little trinkets. The second round teacher gave me a card and a gift card to Starbucks (even thought I denied her offer for coffee every day).

For graduation, I gave a friend a tote with picture slots in it, notebooks, post-its, paper clips, a huge sharpie pack, stickers, and a CD that had copies of files I used (she was teaching a similar grade).


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student teacher gift

I got my student teacher ( 3rd grade) several items:

A BB book from Scholastic
An EZ grader
Small bottle of hand lotion
A book: I Knew You Could, which was read aloud to her while choking back tears


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My teacher gave me a treasure box filled with a ton of stickers for rewards for the kids(when I got my own class). I still have the box and the stickers lasted a few years! She also gave me a book with a tape that went with it. She also got me flowers in a vase. She also gave me a timer for my class(but it broke right away and was not the type I wanted). 3rd grade.

The other teacher gave me a memory photoscrapbook with thank you notes from the kids written. It was kindergarten level.

Another teacher(when I was an aide) gave me a bunch of bilingual children's picture books that I might find useful in the future.

My own idea would be the stickers/treasure box and the book First Day Jitters, and the sequel, maybe. Also, perhaps a good digital timer.


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Student Teacher

When I left my student teaching position...my kiddos and cooperating teacher threw me a graduation party with cake! It was the best ever!


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My teacher used some of her Scholastic bonus points to get me some books to start my class library. You can never go wrong with quality picture books, all ages enjoy them. She also made copies of patterns, templates, worksheets, lesson plans, and divided them into units. It gave me a lot of resources to fall back on during my first year.


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The best gift I saw was a Director's Chair with students' handprints/names on the canvas.

I received a tote bag with handprints/names; that was nice but I did not want to use it because I did not want it ruined. The chair is in the teacher's classroom and used on a daily basis with read alouds and such.

Maybe a nice outdoor chair that the kids can write on? You can get paints to write on plastic.

Another teacher made an Author's Chair for students and painted it; perhaps something along those lines.

I know the supplies are great; I liked mine but to be honest I like gifts that are something that stays with you, a book, the kids doing a project, a mug, etc.


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I like the chair idea and the ability to be able to have it to keep. Any suggestions on the best place to buy a director's chair. I like the cloth part. I was thinking about a small lamp. I have a small decorative lamp on my desk and have given them to my co workers for Christmas before. I love the way it looks.


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When I finished last spring, my coop. teacher put together a photo album with a few pictures of the students. There were some by the school sign, sitting on my car, from our field trip, and events around school that I attended. I was also given a dictionary by the school PTA. Another teacher in the building gave me a bunch of stuff. Markers, stickers, pre-cut letters, sheet with important links for teachers, and a roll of one sided sticky paper in a banner size.

Thinking back on it, I really liked the photo album that they gave me. That was probably the best thing that I was given. Sure all of the other stuff was nice, but the memory of that experience, which is the first true experience of a teacher, was something that I will cherish for a lifetime. Each of the students wrote a note to me, which was extremely touching.

Don't focus so much on supplies with the gift, but something that will help the person remember the experience.