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student threw a rock today


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yes, you read it correctly not only did he throw a rock but he threw it at a car and it shattered the long back window of a mini van that was parked. this is a student I taught last year, tried to get retained they wouldnt listen, then after one semester trying the next grade the teacher said and convinced the parent he needed to grow up a little more. Okay here he is back in my room, the same issues as before and the parents will not listen to me a bit, they say it is maturity and he will get better,, WELL HES NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I by the way teach first grade, yes 1st. It was a day and a half, it started with church and one of my students throwing up all over the pew and floor and himself and then the principal loosing it on the second grade teachers which then lead to upset at us in 1st (ok, that is a whole different vent) and then during centers this happens. I had to go find the parent whose car it was and explain and then get his mom out of car pool to come in and pick up her son from the office. She did not say a thing to me, i guess there is just nothing more to say.
i came home ate, cried then cleaned. I had to get my energy out and lucky i put down the food and cleaned instead. heheh
ok thanks,, i just needed to really vent, I love this site , no one else gets these days we have, no one but teachers


You poor thing!

That sounds like an awful day--I hope you're relaxing a little bit tonight. And I hope tomorrow is much better.

That kid sounds like a monster, which is a rotten thing to say about one so young, but geez, when the shoe fits....


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Ask for a helmet

I would ask for a helmet! Ha-Ha. What a rotten day! I would have hated to have told the person about their window. Yikes. Hang in there.