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student who refuses to move seats my soulution

Classroom Management 


This is my method I use for many grade levels including middle school students. It has worked many times for me. It usually leaves the student scratching their head and not knowing what to do next. Scenario: Student refuses to move seat when asked to, due to his constant talking with others around him. Solution, move the other students around him or her. I have moved whole group tables and left the defiant one sitting there all by him or her self. It gives a smile every time when he or she can't figure out what happened. With younger children that I have some control over discipline ie; sit out recess, I simply tell them if they talk to the student in question they will be in trouble, this to seems to work for me.


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it works, but...

I've currently doing that with a student. All his friends have been moved away. However, the friends keep moving back to sit with him. Yesterday a kid (whose mother requested he kept separated from that student) kept returning to sit with him at his table. I directed the kid back to his assigned table, only to find him back there a few minutes later. I directed him again, explained that assigned seats were mandatory, and found him sitting back at that kids' table once again. Each time, the kid tried to argue and bargain about "why can't I just sit here" before finally going back to his seat. A few minutes later, he was back again!
A second student in the same class was also doing this. She'd be sitting at isolated student's table less than one minute after being escorted back to her assigned seat. She'd some excuse on why she had to sit with her friend, then she'd try to argue with me. After being directed back to her seat, she snuck back to sit with that student. Just like the other student, she was directed back to her seat only to be found back with that student a minute later.

Even after warning those students of a phone call home, they still chose to sneak back to that friend as soon as I stopped to help someone else. When I returned to circulation, one or both of them would be sitting with the "isolated student" who was having a fabulous time entertaining his friends (throwing art materials into the air and at other students gets lots of laughs in 6th grade. Classic comedy!)

Each student did this at least three times in yesterday's art class, so I didn't notice the third student who was sitting there the whole time. I had changed his seating assignment last week but my notes on my chart were not clear, and I forgot that he was supposed to be at another table all along.


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OMG! This sounds like every day for me! I’m so sorry! It’s hard to keep track of all the middle schooler drama between students. It’s all so ridiculous. What are you supposed to do? Spend all period dealing with that? When can you actually teach something? Ugh. . . I’m exhausted.😩