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Students, it's time to line up. (Chaos)

Classroom Management 


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If you have any problem lining kids up, I have a suggestion: numbered spots on the floor. You need them facing the door. First, a line leader one and then 1 2 3 4 etc. The teacher in whose class I volunteered numbered the kids alphabetically by first name.

This totally eliminated so many problems: racing to be first, vying for the last spot, letting friends in front, behavior problems together, etc.

The spots are available numerous places, including Amazon.


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When my school got new admin several years ago, they mandated that every class have a line up order. I thought it was micromanaging at first, and it does take some extra teaching/adjustment at the beginning of the year, but it truly does solve so many problems.


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I have years when I have to do this, and years when I don't. I'm hoping this year I don't but I'm kind of afraid it's heading the other way!


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Number order

I sometimes have to resort to alphabetical order, but this year even that didn’t work. I have a boy/girl order, in an effort to keep certain students separated. I do not have enough buffer children- I only have 5 or 6 that I can place anywhere. The others have issues with everyone!

But the assigned places in line definitely helps.