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Students leaving



This is an issue that is taking place when my students are not in my care. I am in an extremely Urban classroom in an unsafe neighborhood. Earlier in the school year three of my boys (who follow what each other do) did not come into my class until 8:30, even though school starts at 8. They had been playing on the playground. Yesterday, these students left the cafeteria, and when I picked the rest of my class up my students were not with them. They were later caught by someone in the school (who no one could tell me) and taken to the office. At that time they were escorted back to my classroom by the principal. THEN today they did not come into my classroom before school, and this time they did not come in until 9:30. They were playing by the creek. I do not have any idea where the creek even is. Someone caught them there as well, and took them to the office. No one from the office escorted them back to my class, but when I called over, they informed me. I reemed the boys out, and called all of their homes and discussed this. They were also not allowed to have gym class today. I talked to the principal, and she said there is nothing I can do about this. I don't feel like that's true. There must be. Has anyone dealt with this? I am highly concerned for the safety of my seven year olds. The parents are not taking the initative to bring them to the school doors. Help! When they are in my classroom I have kept complete control and they have never left me.



In our school, ....and I'd have the backing of my admin on this.....we would require and insist the children are escorted into the building by their parents...and promptly at 8, not 7:30 and not 8:30. No playtime before school unless supervised directly by their parents. They should be brought right into the room or into the office, whichever you prefer.

Seat them yourself for lunch, separately, and arrange something so you are in control of their every movement for a while. Keep them in for several recesses until you are absolutely positive they get the message. Going to the creek until 9:30 should be your last straw. The headlines would be terrible if something happened, and THEN you'd have attention from your principal and parents (not to mention local media)!!!

If they are more than 5 minutes late coming in, from now till years end, notify the office and parents immediately! CYOA


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Major safety issue

Maybe an annonymous call to child welfare about seeing the children alone outside the school would get the admin. attention. I agree the parents should escort them in daily. I like the calling the office if five minutes late, I hate to say it but in this world a crazy could use that time to take our children.



well... they did it again today while in the cafeteria. i have had it. no one is allowed to leave my sight. i am giving up my planning period for this until i can get it straightened out. if you can't tell, i'm in a dysfunctional school system. there is no restraints keeping them in the cafeteria, and i am getting no help. the problem is most of these children walk to school on their own, and their parents are not interested in bringing them. how disgusting? it's FIRST grade. some people shouldn't have kids.