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studying spain



help! Our Special Education school is looking at Spain in May/June/July 2006. I have a number of ideas, but I have had to make up all of my own worksheets,templates, blackline masters. So far I have drawn 2 female flamenco dancers, made 4 different types of fans and made a windmill (Don Quixote). Other ideas done are pictures of animals of Spain to be coloured in by students, making Spanish foods, making wooden and clay containers decorated in Spanish style, I have simplified Spanish masterpieces to be coloured in or decorated by students eg Pablo Picasso and Miro. What I need are pre-made blackline masters, more 3-D crafts and great ideas for a bulletin board and a caption to go on it, better still a site with fab spain art/craft/lesson ideas. Our students are generally grade 1 level and love doing art and drama.


4th grade teacher

Hola, have you tried the Learning Tree web site? They have simple images for a huge amount of topics. I'd Google Spain for kids. I found many ideas today for Cinco de Mayo searching with the format of "holiday name for kids". You may be as lucky too for your topic. :) I found adding the kid part in searches helps narrow the selection to what you can use with students. Good luck.