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Sub questions/vent



I subbed while in college, so I know what it is like to be a sub. I understand that not all days are going to be good, not all teachers are going to leave enough lesson plans for the entire day, so I am not knocking being a sub.

I just need to vent.

With me knowing how being a sub is, I always, always, always leave enough lesson plans to last for more than a days schooling. They are very very detailed as well.

I mapped out ever 40 minutes for this sub, names of students to watch for, and great helpers. There was nothing that I could have added to my notes to make things easier for her.

When I returned, none of the work had been done, the room was a disaster, I had parents calling me, teachers left notes on the type of behavior my students had in the hallway etc... It was a mess.

I contacted this sub, and her excuse was "I had a bad day on Monday, so I wasn't in the mood to really work on Tuesday"

My goodness.... don't come when called then!

That's not all. I needed a sub for Friday. They called her to sub and she had enough nerve to tell the sec. that she didn't want to sub for me because I didn't leave any work, my class was very unorganized and my students were all ill mannered.

I had to write a report on her because of so many parents calling me. Apparently, she had allowed them to play on the computers, listen to music and talk on their cell phones, and some of the students must have bragged about it.

Now my school won't call her, so she sent me a nasty note. What should be done next. The principal says to let it go, but I have gotten word that she also sent a copy to the super. (You don't want to mess with him either), so now, she is making me a bad name, and I feel defenseless.

What should I do?



Be sure to send a copy of your report to the Super and make sure the parents give him a call.


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Send a copy of your sub plans and a single copy of every sheet of the work you left for your kids for the day to your super along with a note explaining what went on in your room that day based on what your kids have told you and their parents and what the sub admitted to you.

Ima Teacher

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I subbed for a year right out of college, and I know it's not easy. However, there are plenty of people who view it as a babysitting job. And, honestly, I wouldn't trust some of them to be a babysitter!

The worst one did not even OPEN my sub folder. She didn't give a single assignment, and allowed the kids to do whatever they wanted. They even SKIPPED other classes by telling the teachers that I needed them to work on their writing pieces! They are, listened to the radio, and roamed the hallways. The sub sat at my desk and drew pictures! She even drew on my whiteboard with PERMANENT markers. The kids were to get their report cards that day, and I'd gone down the day before and gotten them and put it in the folder with notes to pass them out. When I got back the next day, my room was a MESS and nothing, I mean NOTHING had been done. Parents were calling about their report cards. Ugh!! I asked that she NEVER come to my room again, ever.

Well, I was out a half day week before last, and she showed up. I was ready to cancel my appointment with the doctor just so she wouldn't be there for me. Finally I arranged for two other teachers to come in and check on my two remining classes and went ahead and left. Guess what? She didn't do ANYTHING that time either? The teachers who came in to check are the ones who made the kids settle down and clean up the room. The sub even called the office to have them print rosters for her because I han't left any. Of course, they didn't believe her for a minute but went ahead printed them for her. Before I left I had SHOWN her my sub book, including the lesson pland and ROSTERS OF THE KIDS--IN THE SEATING CHART FORM WITH PICTURES OF THE KIDS! She's just hopeless.

The teacher down the hall had a bad one last week. The sub sat behind her desk all day and let the kids run wild. She let them get the teacher's food out of her fridge . . . which was BEHIND her desk. I went into the hallway on my planning time because I heard kids out there, and her class was roaming around. I asked them what they were doing, and they told me that she told them to leave when they were supposed to leave. Yeah, right. . . middle school kids will do that. :rolleyes:

I'm going to be out tomorrow and Thursday because my dad is having surgery, and I hope I get one of the good subs. I'm sure they'll probably try to get one for me. My boys really like the "hot sub". She does a really good job with them, so that's fine with me!


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I was a full-time sub

for a large district right out of college. I always appreciated the teachers who left what they called "generic sub plans" for emergency purposes.

This year, getting my first class, I put together a sub binder with instructions that pertained to both days of our block scheduling. I have specific activities that I expect the sub to do if I have no other further instruction for her or him. I also have instructions for the students who need to see the counselor when they become too agitated. My sub binder has everything from my generic instructions, to copies of class lists, seating plans (with photos of each student), duty rosters, emergency plans, etc. Just last week, I was out of class but not out of the district because of other duties in another school. The sub I got the first day appreciated the effort in my plans, she had a great day with the kids. She collected what needed to be collected and followed my detailed plans to a "T".

The second day's sub, however, was the opposite. None of the due assignments were collected as instructed, and the study hall class was allowed to do what they wanted. Here in Maine, every student has a laptop due to the Laptop Initiative a few years ago. Well, the sub allowed the students to go where they wanted to on their laptops, including playing computer games, which are not allowed. The tech office is able to monitor activities on the students' laptops and found that the majority of my students were doing this, and had to go talk to them during their study hall. I haven't been able to see this group yet because of early releases, but they'll be getting the riot act when I do. It's not that I didn't have instructions about this in the sub binder, he just didn't care and either didn't read them, or chose not to enforce them. To top it off, that day, one of the students who need to see a counsellor when necessary wasn't allowed to, got completely out of hand, and was sent to the office instead, which created more of a problem. Now this student's parents are up in arms because of the way this young man was treated.

I've already informed my principal about this sub's inability to follow my instructions. The problem that we face, however, is that subs are far and few in between. They are rare as it is, which makes the good subs much more valuable and more difficult to get. I believe that many school districts face this problem as well, which means that the "bad" subs end up getting called.