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Sub Teacher would like your 2 cents on the NBC program


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Hello, I earned my teaching credential back in 2015 and found myself subbing the last 6 years. I love my job and have zero interesting in becoming a full time teacher for many reasons. However my credential expires in a few years and since I’m on extension, I’m super unsure as to what to do. Having my credential, though preliminary, has helped me with sub pay bumps (especially now), and I was able to apply for summer online teaching jobs. I am uninterested in doing the induction program but I have been looking into the NBC to get it cleared since I don’t want to loose what I worked so hard for. Problem is, when I look up information from people who actually went through it, I can’t find much which makes me worried. Even a YouTube Video I just watched seemed like a big advertisement.

So, is this basically the TPA portion of the credential program all over again? Portfolios and testing? How challenging is it? How long on average does it take to complete? Honestly your two cents on the program would be super helpful to see if this is something I’m even capable of doing or even feel its a path I want to take.


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One of the requirements for even being eligible to pursue National Board Certification is to have three years of teaching experience. I don't think that subbing would count for that. You would have to ask the National Boards organization though to be sure.


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Subbing counts

Yes, you can add up your days and see if it goes to three years. Subbing does count for it. (see page 7 of this guide: https://www.nbpts.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Guide_to_NB_Certification.pdf)

What state are you in? There might be easier pathways other than National Board as well. If you tell me the state, I might be familiar with it and can kind of informally advise you. Each state has their own quirks.

I think that the process would be difficult for a daily sub. If you're someone that gets year-long or half-year-long contracts with the same group, you might be able to do it. Some parts require more longitudinal data like Component 2 where you need to track progress.