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Subbing in Nashville & Indianapolis



I was just wondering what it is like to sub in these two cities? What is a full day's pay? Is it easy to get jobs if you are not picky on grade levels? What are the school systems like, well run or lots of problems? What is the general student population like? (at risk, well behaved....)

Thanks so much!


I would suggest you try to find websites for these schools systems. I would imagine they have the pay listed on their website for substitute teachers. Also, you may be able to at least get a feel for the general student population. Look for links concerning the testing results for these schools. Those are usually broken down by population groups. There should be percentages given as to student population in these groups. Our school's test data is broken down by race, sex, income, and special ed. From that data, you may get a feel for what you are looking for - whether you're looking at a school with many high acheivers, or a school working on some struggles. Hope that helps.

Also, real estate companies may also be a good source for some of your questions about area schools.


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subs in nashville

Just to let you know, I just moved from Nashville and the subs don't make good money at all!! For a full day, with a BS or BA, you get paid @ $55.00. Not too much, so not sure if you want to sub there! Hope this helps.



I live in Tn and Nashville is in Davidson County. You could look up that county.