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subbing in new mexico


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I retired this year at least for awhile and am doing the RV thing. With winter approaching we will probably stay put for a few months. I was looking at different states and wondering about New Mexico Santa Fe area and subbing there. Do any of you any imput regarding situations and sub salaries? :confused:



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Subbing in New Mexico...

Elepen, I saw your post the other day, but thought maybe
someone from that area would fill you in on subbing. I live
in AZ, next door to NM, and it takes about 3 or 4 months to
get a sub ready to work in our districts. One needs finger
prints, which you may already have, 3 letters of references,
and, I believe, some sort of resume. I retired from a district
here in Phoenix, 6 yrs. ago, and decided to sub in a school
district down the road from my old one, about 18 miles away.
It was like me having to start over. It took about 3 months
or even more, before this district cleared me. Maybe, it
depends on the district you are applying at, if they can speed
things up.
What I would suggest is to check the area where you
will be parking your RV, ahead of time, to get all the footwork
done. If not, you may be here most of the winter months
and not get called, due to this process.
I would figure the daily rate for a sub to be somewhere between
$80 to $95. That is what it is here, in most districts.
Good luck in your travelling. Where do you live now, and how
many yrs. did you teach? I taught 32 yrs. and retired. We
don't have to reach the age of 55 to get our full pension,
which is so nice. I was 2 yrs. younger than that when I
Again, this is just what I know, living in AZ, about subbing.


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hi sandteach:

I retired from Florida with only 17 years so after traveling around I'll probably do something. A lot of the RVers I have met work seasonal jobs for a couple of months and thats it. We are trying to sell our house in florida and dont know where we will settle ( its a very long story ):eek: We are here in New Mexico visiting with inlaws for the holidays but I didn't realize how cold it gets here. Thankyou for the input about Arizona. In Florida you have to be 55 with 30 years or have 30 years. I was 58 when I retired. How do you feel about teaching and how much it has changed? Also I took a lump sum. If I could have been in longer I would have probably left it as a monthly pension. What health insurance do you use?



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Hi, elepen!

First of all, I do think NM gets much colder there in the
winter months. You would have to go and check out the
average temps they have during this time. Here in Phoenix,
we have been having such warm weather up until the last
couple of days. Now, it is getting to be a little like autumn.
I had 32 yrs. in, and yes, we can retire here with 80 points.
(Age plus yrs. of service) I have my medical and dental
through PacifiCare insurance. I don't pay for my ins., but
I need to do 5 days a year for my district. I have gone back
and subbed at my old school to do that.
I am planning on subbing perhaps, one more yr. When I get
my SS check in 2 yrs., I can't see me still subbing.
Yes, it has changed, and not for the best. We have so many
teachers leaving the profession after 3 yrs. or so. They
just can't seem to handle the work load, stress, amount of
hours to put into the job, and the teaching to the test,
following the state standards, parents complaining, and
students who don't care about consequences. You get the
picture. I do feel sorry for our new teachers, don't you?
Take care, and enjoy the holidays!


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Hi from NM

I don't know what Santa Fe pays subs, but it's probably on a par with Abq. Usually $75 a day here in Abq. You can be warmer in southern NM, but I don't know about subs. Santa Fe/Taos gets very cold in the winter- they will get snow when Abq gets nothing. The cost of living is much higher in Santa Fe than Abq. They do have a "living wage" law which has driven up the prices some.


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Hi Toni:

You are right about it getting cold. We are supposed to have snow showers tomorrow and Thanksgiving