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subject/predicate intro.



I'm looking for a creative way to introduce the concept of subjects and predicates to my 4th graders. We then move into simple sub/pred. and combining. But I'd like to get their attention first with something exciting that is not necessarily a worksheet. Any ideas?



I print off sentences in large font and cut them into subjects and predicates. I make sure that the sentences are distinguishable from each other so that they're not really interchangeable. Then I tape them to the bottom of the student's desks. I ask them if they think they have a subject or a predicate and then we match them up and I tape the sentences on the board.


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When I introduce subjects/predicates we make up a bunch of complete sent. as a class (as many as there are students) and write them on paper. We then cut the sub and pred. apart and put them in two piles. I then have all the students pick a sub and then a pred. We read the sents out loud and then each student has to draw a picture of their complete sent. We call this activity Silly Sent. We laugh and the kids have fun but they remember subjects and predicates.

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need a better description.


same topic on here elsewhere

Look at the message on this board by SMJ called Subject and Predicates...help! DONNA had a great suggestion! Good luck


Subject and Predicates

I usually have the kids take turns acting things out in front of the class.
We come up with sentences and then identify the subject and predicate.
It sounds basic, but the kids get into it because they are acting it out!

They also have GREAT dice available with subjects and predicates. They are great! They have them in all the teacher's stores. I have the kids come up and roll them. It usually creates a silly sentence and the kids love it!


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Subjects and Predicates

I often use School House Rock - Grammar to introduce or review skills.It helps grab their attention, and then we go on with our lesson.