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subject/verb agreement - help!


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I am supposed to be teaching my kids subject/verb agreement and the verb endings -s and -ing. Why first graders need to know this is beyond me! We have just gone over plural nouns and I do not want to confuse my kids as they have a good understanding now of that concept. Does anyone have any good ways to teach subject/verb agreement and verb endings? I hate to bog them down with 'rules' for when to do this and when to do that. Typically I just tell them to use the one that sounds right but I was wondering if anyone else had any good strategies. Thank you!
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I was wondering what basal you are using. We are using Treasures and it has demanded that lots of skills be introduced quickly--as in your example. I don't think that they are ready for this but I tell mine that if the noun is singular that we will add the s to the verb (most times). The ing needs a helper--is, are, was, were, am....

Our basal this week is introducing verbs for the first time, CVCe (long a) for the first time, AND they also want us to teach drop the silent e and add ing or ed! Whoever wrote these basals must not have taught first grade! Wouldn't it be nice to teach CVCe and verbs without adding another skill on top of those????

I know I haven't been any help--but you inspired me to VENT!:eek:


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we use..

scott foresmann and I hate it. I haven't even really been doing the stories from the basal but I generally follow their timeline for teaching various skills so I can keep up somewhat with the other first grade teachers. I'm planning on spending the summer coming up with my own timeline for teaching the skills. I hate the order in which they do it!