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suggestions for a game please


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My husband and I buy our family a game to open Christmas Eve to play while we are enjoying a fire and treats. One year it was Trouble, last year it was Kid Pictionary. Any suggestions?

HAs anyone ever played the game Quirkle? That looks like a possibility, but I don't want to get it if it's a dud. My kids are 8 and 10 years old. Thanks!


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Apples to Apples

This is a great family game, and I think there's a children's version, too. I use it in my classroom also! I also used Quirkle at summer school, and the kids loved it.


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My eight, now nine year old daughter enjoys playing Imaginiff and Whoonu. Whoonu is by Cranium, we've enjoyed all of the games we've bought by this company. Another game the whole family has enjoyed is Uno, a card game. I've never heard of Quirkle.
Hope it helps,


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I love Apples to Apples!

Great family game! Also, try a dice game called LCR. It's lots of fun with a group.


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I believe they have a kids and adult version of this. My DD loves this game. Sequence is another good one.


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My family loves Cranium! We play it when we're on vacation and when during holidays. There's a lot of different varieties (we play the original), so you should be able to find something for your kids.


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Another Cranium Game

My family likes to play Cadoo on family game night. It keeps the whole family laughing--especially when Dad has to create something out of clay! LOL We have never been disappointed with any of the games from Cranium.


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Apples to Apples

I love all games but this would be my #1 pick right now.
let us know what you decide!


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Christmas game

We do the same thing. My youngest is 19 and they all look forward to the game "Santa" brings.
Still not sure what I'll get this year.
But our absolute favourite is Scattegories. When ever we get topgether now, they ask for it and we laugh all the way through!
We've had Crokinole, mystery games, cranium, different versions of Trivial Pursuit.


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I bought it for my granddaughters, ages 7 and 14 to play in family situations. They raved about it so much that I bought another one. My daughter and son-in-law and I became really addicted to it. We liked it because it involves strategy but also can be played in a light-hearted, talk and watch the baby/tv at the same time way. Go to the Mindware site, which has lots of games that are intellectually stimulating to see more. My Son-in-law is so spatially talented that we would gang up on him while playing. Lots of laughs.

I ordered the one for my granddaughter from Mindware. The 2nd one I found in the CLEANING AISLE of Target - so I knew it had been placed there just so we could buy it. :)


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Here's another vote for Cranium games! I also use them in my classroom on special days and the kids love to play. It's great that there are so many games out there that are multi-generational! :)


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I love games. Apples to Apples is great. Tribond is fun too. I want to get Taboo. We actually have the Home Improvement game that is really funny. LOL Also, you can't go wrong with a good game of Monopoly.

I'll never forget playing Cranium with my in-laws - My FIL had to sculpt the word "nipple" and he had to act like Marilyn Monroe. <!--misspeak--> We were hysterical.

Uno attack is fun. I could go on and on... <!--sing-->

2nd in TX

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Two Games

Cranium or Apples to Apples are fun. I bought a Super Cranium of some sort and it has "puppeteer" cards where one team member has to act as puppeteer for the other person who has to guess what they are. Too funny!

Kerri M

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I'm not a huge fan of games usually, but anytime someone gets out Catchphrase I can't stay away! It's so much fun!


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There is a game called bananagrams that is so much fun! it's like a combination of scrabble and crossword puzzles....i play it with my class a lot. it's a lot of fun.


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We love it too - and have played with ages 8 and up while camping, and at adult only parties (guys against girls). Definitely a vote for Catchphrase.LOL


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SET and Five Crowns

We love Apples to Apples - but our all time favorites are two cards games - SET and Five Crowns. I like Quiddler, but my family and students never seemed to enjoy it as much as the other two.

You can see them here:



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Apples to Apples

Just played it for the first time tonight! It's a GREAT game! Tons of fun!!!!!!! You might want to get the jr. version (looking at the age of your kids)