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suggestions for pains in the rear!


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OK - I am a very easygoing, laid back person. However, I tend to take things personally somestimes and have a hard time letting go of piddly things that people will do or say (when I know I s hould just ignore and go on).

Does anyone have any suggestions or comebacks for the best way to deal with a bossy person? Other than what I already know which is to kill 'em with kindness and just play into their bossiness. I just hate it when my coworker peers try to tell me what to do and speak to me as if I am stupid.


Bossy People technique

Try THE LOOK, silence and change the subject. This is not Killing them with kindness or ignoring their remarks.It's very subtle.Don't say anything just give them a bored look with silence and then change the subject.I don't know your exact situation but here's an example--

Co-worker: DL you need to do such and such in math.

A bored look with silence. An obvious silent pause and then say-
I found a great activity for science. It's about...

Don't respond to their bossy condescending remarks. Just keep on giving the bossy remarks or the remarks about things you obviously know the silent treatment. Believe me it will frustrate Ms Bossy. And you won't get any heat for giving a retort or saying something that can be taken as a snotty comeback.We might not consider it snotty but these remarks can get turned around to put you in a negative light.And you don't want to have to explain your remarks. I say this because I have seen a number of situations where the person who responds after taking a lot of "nonsense" is the one who gets called on the carpet for not getting along with the team. So,what is she going to do? Go to your supervisor and say DL is giving me a look.I doubt it.That's much better then having her say-- I tried to make a suggestion and DL made a snotty remark.

I know in your original post you asked for comebacks not snotty remarks but IMHO comebacks can be interpreted as something snotty and I wouldn't want to do that for the reasons I stated above.

It might take awhile but Ms Bossy should catch on. It is very subtle.
Give it a try. BN

Miss C

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Love it!

BN, I LOVE your suggestion! I have a bossy person at my job, and I've often wondered about the best way to handle her. I love this, and will try it the next time I need a strategy to deal with her!


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love it, too

I love that idea, too. I will try it next time and let you know what happens!!!