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"Suitcase" report


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I am wondering if anyone knows about something called a "suitcase" report. My son's 4th grade teacher assigned this during a unit on the regions of the US. It was interesting - the kids had to make a "suitcase" out of something (we used a pizza box and covered it w/ brown paper and travel stickers), and then inside had to be various items from a "vacation" to the assigned state.

Any ideas about this or something similar? I would like to have this as an option during our Power Hour (enrichment). Thanks!


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I used a "suitcase" report when I taught 4th grade also....very much like the report your son is doing. However, my class used manila file folders for the suitcase....they cut off the little tab at the top of the folder and then could add handels or any type of decoration that they liked. The reports were quite creative!


suitcase directions

I would love for my students to do a suitcase report for immigration. I want them to pretend they are leaving a certain country and they can only "pack" 5 things. Anyone have ideas?