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I got it in to my head that Gabriel (5 years old) and I could build a Sukkah (basically a hut, at least 3 sided and nature on top so you can see the stars). I ordered two fort kits from Amazon, thinking he would play with them after. Gabriel had very little interest in helping or in them. I sat on the hard ground (Thanks CA drought, even the olives are dry) in the hot sun for a couple hours and couldn’t get it to work. When I tried to do the top part of the frame, the other sides collapsed. I tried triangles to help make it steady, but only managed one. Any suggestions, any other cheap way to build it?


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I don't have any tips for building. Last year we had several Hasidic Jewish families move into our small rural area. I have seen their Sukkah. This group came to Indiana from NYC. They are very polite, friendly, and have kept the local hardware store in business. It's also interesting to see their bee hives.