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Summer funding - Donors Choose



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I got funded for my Donors Choose project! (Yay!) I have never had one funded over the summer. The website just says they will send it at the beginning of the school year. Has anyone had a summer project funded? How long after school started did it take to arrive?


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I had one funded last summer... and I have one waiting right now. I got mine around the first of September. It's like early Christmas.. :)


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and exciting! I wrote one this summer. Haven't had any donors yet though. As I looked through all the grants I wondered how many get funded. How long did yours take?


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Mine took about 1-2 months. I have learned to keep the projects small. I have always gotten my small (less than $300) projects funded, and my larger ones go unfunded. I requested some guided reading sets that pertain to history. It also had funding match from the Gap, so I only needed half funding from donors.

Thanks for the info!


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Congrats on getting yours funded!! I bet you can't wait to get it in the mail when school starts!

I have one that has not gotten any donations on it :(. I was hoping that it would be funded over the summer so we shall see! It expires in September so hopefully it will be funded before then! I did keep mine under $300 too, thinking if I don't ask for a lot I may have better luck.


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It is the best thing to hear about isn't it? My most recent project (I've had 12 others funded in the last 3 years) was completed over night. So, I woke up with the email letting me know that it was funded! Yahoooooo! I actually went in and had to change the address info to my new school's info and while I was in there, I noticed my start date was way off b/c it was the one I had entered 3 years ago.

Make sure the school start date is correct so you don't have to wait longer than you should have to. :) Last year, I had a a summer project funded and I think the items came about 1-2 weeks into the new school year.