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Summer Ideas



I am already thinking of summer, and trying to find some inexpensive things to do to keep me busy. I will probably be teaching summer school, but besides that I would like to do things that do not have anything to do with school or kids. Any ideas? What do you do to keep yourself from pulling your hair out over the summer?


Senior Member

I don't know where you are from:

Get a couple of friends, and go camping/floating. Canoe rentals are pretty inexpensive, and you spend all day leisurely floating the river. Very relaxing.

Go see a special show or event
Amusement parks like Six Flags
See area museums
Horseback riding
Take lessons for sports (tennis-horseback riding) or music
Exercise everyday-even a good daily walk will calm nerves/help you think
Hike or bike a long trail with a friend

Do one small thing evey 2-3 weeks, and you'll have a summer full of great memories. Good luck!