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Summer Workshop Pay?


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Do you get paid for the workshops that you are required to attend in the summer. I have to attend two different workshops that will last all day for four days. I will not get paid for this in money, but will get "flex" time instead. I did not know if this was common or not.

cincy teacher

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I have never gotten flex time. If the workshop is offered through our district we get contract pay. Is flex time like comp time?

apple annie

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Mandatory and no pay?

I teach in Louisiana, and in my district I have never been required to attend anything in the summer. Workshops are offered on occasion, but we get paid a standard $22 per hour if we choose to participate. We are also offerd opportunites on Saturdays from time to time for the same pay, but again, it's always optional.

Ima Teacher

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We have a certain number of days required by our contract. Often we can get a stipend for anything over that.


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I've been to some summer workshops where we got a nice stipend for attending. However, I attended one last summer that required extensive travel. All I got were my expenses paid, but nothing in my pocket (just in my brain). If it's during the school year, like an inservice or a prof. deveopment day that requires me to go somewhere else and have a sub, I don't get any extra money.



I get $40 an hour for any extra work I do in the summer - workshops, curriculum writing, etc...


just continuing education credit

I've never been required to go, but have attended several summmer conferences. My district has paid for registration fees, food, gas, and hotel rooms, but I've never received pay.


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No pay

We don't receive pay for any workshop, during the school year or not. Attending summer workshops is strictly a personal choice, not a requirement. If there is budget money available, the school district will pay whatever fees are involved and housing if necessary, but the money is on a first come first serve basis. This year 3 of us in third grade are going to a 2-day conference at $289 apiece plus hotel, and the school is paying. Several teachers went to a 3-day technology workshop earlier in the year that the school paid for, and others go to one-day things all the time at school expense, but we are never paid a stipend for going. We aren't required to have a certain number of workshop hours or anything. We just go because we want to learn new techniques to use in the classroom. Our principal is very supportive of that. The last principal we had never wanted us to go during the school year because he didn't want to have to pay for subs.


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We attend workshops and always get paid at that rate. I guess we're blessed. If it's something like Kagan or Thinking Maps that lasts over a period of days, we get paid $75 a day.


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Some pay

I am attending two workshops this summer. One I will not get paid but the other one I will get paid $100.00 a day:). I wish I was getting paid for both, but at least I'm getting something.:)