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Summertime Memories: Camping


Summertime Memories: Camping

Share a brief summertime memory having something to do with camping (camping trips with family, summer camps, scouting and youth camps, backpacking, RVs, etc). This can be from your childhood or something that happened to you more recently. Describe an experience, a place, an object, tell a funny story, write a little poetry, share a photo-- anything that comes to mind on this topic! Be sure to leave out any personally revealing information such as real names or locations.


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Camping in Disney

When I was little my family went to Disney World with my grandparents every year. We always stayed in a campground. On certain nights they'd have sing-alongs with Alvin and the Chipmunks, and they had s'mores afterwards. This event is one of my earliest memories, along with riding the boat across the lake from the campground to get to the Disney parks.


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Floating Tent

We went camping with my cousins when my kids were younger. I pitched my tent on low land not knowing what could happen. We had a ton of rain over night and the next morning the tent was practically floating. Lesson learned, be careful where you put your tent.


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I have never been camping so I know nothing about it <!--campingtent-->. I am not the outdoorsy type and it doesn't appeal to me. I did attend a summer Arts and Crafts camp when I was a kid. That was fun and the closest I have ever come to camping <!--giggle-->.


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My church hosted a children's camp last week for 4 year olds through 5th graders. I volunteered to work at the snack station. We had over 400 children attend. I quickly learned that making 400 snack plates each day is exhausting. <!--giggle--> We had a blast though! I was reminded why I became a teacher in the first place. It's so much fun to interact with children without having to worry about data and test scores!!


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Camping with the Cub scouts

My first ever camping was when my DS joined cub scouts. DH had experience from when he was a scout, so we headed to Walmart to get what we needed. We got to the campsite, with our gear still in boxed, and we were still setting up as the sun was setting. My favorite part was hanging out with the other parents around the campfire after the kids were all asleep. As far as the actual camping- it's not for me... I don't like bugs, or finding an outhouse in the middle of the night. :rolleyes:


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Every summer

We set up camp every year at a park owned by my grandfather's place of employment. We had a little camper and would stay every weekend. We were near a small creek, where my sister and I loved to catch craw dads. There was a pool, we small for hours. We fished on the pond. There was even a small train on tracks that wound around the entire holler. We loved it! We had community picnics at the shelter and played on the playground with tons of other kids. It is one of my fondest memories from childhood! <!--camptrailer-->

Go Gators

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Every summer my family would take a camping trip to Cape Hatteras in NC. One night as we were all sleeping there was a knock on our camper door informing us that a hurricane had taken a turn and was headed our way and everyone was ordered to evacuate. Nothing like a 1am wake up to get everything packed up while it was pouring down rain! We headed West to the Smokey Mountains to finish our vacation. Still one of my fondest memories!


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When I was a child, we'd go on camping trips often. We'd boat, take jeeps 4-wheeling, etc... There was always a campfire with s'mores involved, of course. It's amazing how much fun it was looking for frogs at dusk! We had a small camper, then moved to a pop-up camper. No matter what it was, we had a great time.

My brother and dad have since passed on, but those memories will always remain.


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Last Camping Trip Ever

We showed up to meet my parents to camp for a week in Williamsburg, VA. My parents had a RV while we were roughing it in the tent. We asked where to place the tent and they pointed to a field.:confused: No shade, nothing, just a field across the street from the RV sites. The thermometer temps that week were above 100 and the heat index was into the 120s. We were so miserable that we cut our trip in half and I swore we'd never camp in a tent again!


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I am not a camper so my summer time memory of camping involves my oldest son and the Boy Scouts.

My son was attending a week long summer camp and parents were asked to pick the option of taking campers or picking them up. Being the unexperienced newbie I volunteered to pick up.

Well pick up day came around. Do you know what 3 teen boys that have camped in tents all week in the summer smell like? <!--campingtent--> It doesn't take much to imagine the smelly stinky odor coming from them.
That was the longest hour and a half ride home in my life!!!


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camping on a dike, or dyke

One of our favorite postings when I was growing up was to Germany. We were able to see other parts of Europe by camping <!--campingtent-->because it was much cheaper. One of my most vivid memories is of a campground that was on a dike (or dyke if you prefer) in the Netherlands. The morning was cool and a little misty as I tromped in my new wooden shoes, which I bought myself:), to the outdoor sink trough sink to brush my teeth. I remember the slightly hollow sound of the earth and the smell of the salt water in the air, too, as I day-dreamed about the little Dutch Boy saving the Netherlands in Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates.


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We did a lot of tent camping. My mom loved to cook over a campfire and the Coleman stove! I remember she coated the bottom of the pots with dish soap so they would get clean easier! We have just started doing some tent camping-so many happy memories!<!--pinetrees--><!--campingtent--><!--campfire-->


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Family Camping

As a teen my family would camp often. <!--pinetrees--><!--campingtent-->
When I was 15, and he 16, I had a weeklong summer romance. First real kiss. For the next year we called, wrote and even visited (2 hours) a few times.
Twenty years later he found me on FB and we keep in touch a bit. He became a grandfather last year and DH and I just had our first recently.
What an innocent time!


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GS Camping

I have great memories of 4 camping trips with the Girl Scouts in Florida. I really enjoyed learning how to cook over a fire, cleaning the dishes without hot water, and setting up a tent. Looking back now at what a baby I am about hotels and cleanliness, I can't believe I "roughed it" like that!


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When I was much younger I went camping in a state forest in Florida. All my previous camping had been in pine forests farther north, but this place looked like something out of the dinosaur era. The trees and foliage were other worldy. I remember there was a pond near the campsite and we were able to clean up and cool off there.


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Cabin Camping

When our kids were little, we "camped" in a cabin at Redfish Lake. The boys had tons of fun!

At one point, our oldest (maybe 5 at the time?) called out, "Come look at my stick!" We ran out of the cabin to see him dragging around an entire branch of a pine tree! <!--campingtent--><!--campfire-->


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Camping was never one of my favorite summer activities. So much work just packing. I do it because my dd loves it. Once I'm there I see why she loves it so much. The outside air, the campfire, smores, the food (everything taste better over a campfire). There's just something about being out in nature that brings you back.<!--campingtent-->


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I only got to go camping once as a child! :(

The one time we did go camping, (somewhere in NM or CO, I believe), we were awoken by the sounds of gunshots, so my dad quickly loaded us all up and took us to a motel. We never camped again. (This was the '70's, so to hear gunshots was not the "norm" I wouldn't think...).

I loved it, though! I remember making a sling shot out of Y shaped sticks. Not sure where we got the rubber bands, but...my brothers and I spent our time shooting rocks/pine cones from our homemade sling shots.

Funny, that is all I remember. I don't remember the fire, cooking, etc.