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Super Bowl


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Another teacher and myself are planning on having a "Super Bowl" of sorts in our rooms on Feb. 3rd. We're planning on serving hotdogs and soft drinks, encouraging our students to wear team jerseys of some kind, etc... After we divide our classes into 2 teams, we want to review what we have learned so far this year in a football game-like format. Unfortunately, we don't know much about football. Would each team get 4 chances to make a touchdown?!? (The World Series in baseball is so much easier! Three strikes and you're out!) If you have any ideas for us on how to make this work we'd really appreciate your input!


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What a cute idea!


What about making a field with the yard lines marked...I made a field last year out of long (bulletin board) paper, and used masking tape to mark the yard lines. I used it just for decoration when the Steelers were in the playoffs, but I now see a new use!!!!:D

You would start each team on the twenty yard line. I would have questions worth a different number of yards/points. Students select if they want to go for 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. yards. If they get a 20 point question right, it's like moving 20 yards, and they would move up to the 50. I would go with the four chances, for four downs. 6 points if they score a touchdown, and then a bonus question for the extra point. You could also work in field goals...but I'm not exactly sure how!

This is a GREAT idea, and now I think I'll start planning!


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Field Goal

Ok...if they DON'T get a touchdown in the 4 downs, THEN you can answer a question for the field goal. The field goal questions would be the same as the bonus questions for the extra points!