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I will graduate this May and I want to start buying stuff for my classroom. Does anyone know good websites and stores to shop from?


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Dollar Store

I love to shop the dollar tree for school stuff. They always have neat things that are only $1. Also, shop garage sales, goodwill, & salvation army stores. YOu know what they say about one man's trash being another's treasure.

Good Luck & Congrats on entering the best profession there is.


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I agree with the other post. The Dollar Tree is a great teacher supply store. One website that I use a lot is reallycoolstuff.com. A good teacher resource site is crystalsprings.com.

Good luck!


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I agree

the dollar store has lots of stuff. It is hit and miss though. I would caution you to not buy tons of things yet until you have a class. Your needs will change from grade to grade.

Also Target has things in their dollar bins expecially at the beginning of the school year. I got a cute grader slide. That you will need for any grade. Just ask yourself...can I use this in kindergarten AND 6th grade? Then you will know if you should buy it or not.


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You won't need them a lot but when you do...

Lay in a supply of: ziptop bags in all sizes, paper lunch bags, paper plates in both sizes, foil, plastic wrap, extra file folders, glue sticks, white out, both sizes of envelopes, breath mints, and Aleve.
Congrats and good luck!