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Supply money?



Does your school give you money for teacher supplies?

If so how much?

Once upon a time we got $400 dollars!! now we are down to $100

Just curious


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We get $400

We used to get $250 per year, but it was increased to $400 last school year. I just turned in my order for next year and I spent $398.24. I always spend hours looking through catalogs to make sure I max out my $400! I don't want any of that money wasted! We do buy our own copy paper though with this money. I'm curious to see how others respond to this topic. I'm adding one more question, do you have to use your own copy paper in the copy machines or is it provided by your school?
RKM :s)


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We get nothing. Until this year, we got $200, but that was cut (high school renovations...).

However, paper for the copier is supplied by the district (white only). We also get to order supplies each month (pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, lined paper, folders, etc.)

The $200 was for the extra stuff, games/book for centers, activitiy books, etc.


1000 copies a month

we get 1000 copies a month using the schools paper

I am going to a new schools system next year, we will get 4 cases of paper!!! with NO LIMIT but after the 4 cases are gone...you have to purchase your own (great deal for me)

I came from a school system where we could not copy a lot so most teachers come to me at the end of the month to use my extra copies because I am not used to using them (I normally only use about 600 copies or so) I have 19 students.

Bonnie gr. 2

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It varies

The amount we gets vary but it has to be from a specific source. For years, it was from Hammett's now it's from a catalog that has a state contract. Recently, it has been School Specialty or Cascade. A couple of years a go we started ordering all of our supplies, including pencils and the amount was increased. This was in my building only, the other schools got a smaller amount and only bought things like stinkers, copy books, etc. That amount is usually around $100-$125.

Copy paper is in the teachers' room by the copier with the extra next door in the stock room. One year with a previous principal we got 4 cases, one of which was legal size, which was really useful.


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Each year our amount goes down- this year it is $240.

We get paper supplied for us for copies; but paper for the classroom comes out of the above. We also have to buy construction paper ourselves.


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The first four years I taught we received about $500.00, so my classroom was well stocked with math and reading materials. During those four years though getting copies ran (on paper provided by the school) was a nightmare. We weren't allowed to touch the copiers and certain people were assigned to make the copies we requested. If the copy person didn't like something we requested to be copied she would take it to the principal!!!:mad: It was so aggravating...I don't use a lot of copies myself but everyone needs some copies. Then last year I moved to a brand new school. Now we only receive $150 for purchasing classroom materials, which isn't near enough when I had to leave behind $2,000.00 worth of stuff at the first school. Our county embarked on a massive building project last year with a total of ten new schools opening over the next 3-4 years. This means more and more teachers to split the money with and soon we probably won't receive anything. We also voted in a new superintendent, who is wonderful, and he informed all principals that teachers are to have access to copiers and that they would not limit our copies.:D So, I guess you win some and you lose some!


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I feel lucky

We are pretty fortunate, I think. We have virtually unlimited copy paper use. We are also supplied w/red and black pens, staples, scotch tape, etc.(office supplies). We get black printer ink pretty easily, but colored is limited to one per year unless something special comes up. The kids bring construction paper as part of their school supplies. Usually our principal can come up with funds for books, software, manipulatives, etc. that we may want. Our PTO is very generous. This year, though,the school can only give us $75 apiece to order things for the start of school next year for our individual classrooms. Our principal has this "thing" about us "wasting" money on stickers or bulletin border, etc. so she makes us order from a school supply catalog so she can monitor what we get. I am getting a new number line, a couple of math games, a new GOOD QUALITY pencil sharpener (went through 2 this year already) and a few other little "goodies". After that $75, whatever I want comes out of my pocket.


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Our school gives us $40 per student and our PTO gives us $100 flat and every team of 4 teachers gets about $600. Our district does a per pupil alocation. We as a school get about $5200 per student. We get extra for SpEd students and other things but I get over $650 for my classroom. I do need to provide paper for copies but I only get 8000 per year. I cannot copy at school if I go over that. We have codes for the copier and it stops believe me! I used to do homework but now I do not?



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I guess we're lucky...

because we have unlimited copies and paper. All kinds of paper is supplied including construction paper, and all of our office supplies until they run out. We do not get any extra money for anything else, unless it is something you especially need and then you can fill out a PO and get it approved by the principal and if the $ is there we can have it(within reason!) :)


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Some money

We get a team budget of $406 this year, based on per pupil spending and the number of students. We have a team of 6 for next year. This money is for construction paper, vis-a-vis, dry erase markers, paint, staples, tape, transpariencies, etc. New teachers are provided with a "desk set" including scissors, tape dispenser, stapler, staple puller, etc.
We also get $100 for our classroom money, except new teachers who get $150.
As for copies, we get 1 1/2 reams of paper per month to make copies. It is never enough and I always end up buying more.

Brooke S.

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I am very $500 from the principal and the PTO and then we have community supportors through a program called Adopt-a-Class. Each adoption is $325. That money is put into our account. Once all classes have been adopted one time, others can be adopted as many times as businesses or people in the community would like. I did co-teach this year with another teacher and 32 students. Between the two of us, we ended up with about $3000. We were given 4 cases of copy paper at the beginning of the year and provided with 4 things of printer ink. We can copy as much as we want. All supplies for our room come out of our budget. (extra copy paper, construction paper, games, etc.)
We are very fortunate in our area. The business support is a big help. Our local Chamber of Commerce has set this up. Maybe this is an idea for teachers in other areas.


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Classroom Money

This year, every teacher in my school received $450 classroom money. Next year, we will be getting $525!!! The money is not available until October, and we must spend it by late April. I always spend every penny of it!!! :D Our PTO usually deposits an additional $200 per teacher into our account at the end of the school year. This money can be saved from year to year, and we can spend it at any time.

Desk supplies (staples, tape, envelopes, transparencies, Expo markers, Vis-A-Vis, etc.) are kept in a little room in the office. We can get these as needed until they run out. It is usually well stocked, and the office reorders as needed.

Our copies are unlimited, and plain white paper is almost always provided by the school. Sometimes we run out towards the end of the school year, so I always keep a few reams in my room in case of an emergency! We are often given a speech about "cutting down our number of copies," and I'm sure there are teachers who abuse this. I do try to only copy what is necessary, and I try to do 2-sided copies when I can. :)


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Up until this year I've always got $200.
Now here's where everyone will hate me... We got a grant for a new Pre-K this year so I got to spend $30,000 to set up the room!!!!!!! Yes it was fun!
As far as copies we get 2 big boxes of paper per year (one in August and one after Christmas break) and we can copy all we want until we run out.


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Eww! Now I Hate Some Of You!

We get $200.00 per year. Not a penny more. Out of that we have to buy copy paper, as well as every other supply we, or, our kids need. We aren't allowed to ask for so much as a pencil from the students. So my $200.00 goes to: copy paper, pencils, notebook paper, folders, glue, construction paper, crayons, markers, tissues, hand soap, post-its, pens, glue, paper clips, file folders, staples, staplers, scissors, rulers, transparencies, bulbs for the overhead, and everything else! Obviously, I spend A LOT of my own money.

As far as the copier. We aren't allowed to make our own. (good points and bad) We are allowed 1000 copies per month using the paper that I spent about 1/4 of my $200.00 on.

Please keep me in mind and post when you see all those good back-to-school sales.

Teach 5

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Basic items are provided for us, like pens, pencils, etc. We then get $200 to order other items that we want. The PTO usually gives us some money, last year it was $100.
Each student is required to bring in 2 reams of white copy paper for the year. That really helped our school budget. The students also supply Kleenex, paper towels, wet wipes, etc. The parents are also good about providing small wish list items for us. A package of paper bags, cups, yarn, glitter, etc.


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WOW, we get $30 a semester, we have 2 semesters a year.

We request a $10 supply fee from each student, but since I'm in a public school, it's optional. Out of a class of 20, this year I got 4 donations. So, I had $100 to spend because of everything combined.

KIKI- I can't believe the parent's aren't expected to supply their children with the necessary supplies. That's ridiculous. Thankfully we send out school supply lists and can call the parents in if they haven't send them. I'm dumbfounded.


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Depends on the year

We also had $400 a while back.

Now we get what we need. I spent around $900 this year and no one even blinked. We've got a new business administrator so I'm not sure how long that will last though...:(

$100 is ridiculous. Are you in a private school?

Bonnie gr. 2

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WE're getting money from the PTO

Our PTO raised a lot of money. So we are getting to spend $500! We have to submit receipts. If we order or buy now, we'll get the money before we get out next month. Otherwise, we'll get it in September. Hooray!


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I will never complain again...

Actually, I don't ever complain about this topic. In my public school each classroom teacher gets roughly $1,000 for supplies, and $1,200 for textbooks. Unless our district is purchasing a new series, we are responsible for purchasing our own textbooks, workbooks and the other resource items. We do not have a limit to the amount of copy paper we use. I appreciate this more than most as my first years of teaching we at a parochial school where I was given nothing. I don't think every principal in our district distributes money in the same way, however. Our principal believes that teachers should have the tools they need and he does everything he can do to be sure we have what we "need." I think we have other principal's in our district that prefer to horde the money and decide for themselves how it should be spent.

Saying that, I'm amazed at some of our teachers' supply lists given to students. Some of them are so lengthy. With all the money we're given I feel very strange asking parents to supply scissors, tape, glue... I try to keep my list to a bare minimum.


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This was my first year teaching. Luckily we have no limit on our supplies. If we request and it is in reason, we receive. I've spent about a thousand this past year and have turned in my requistions for next year and they total almost 3 grand. Most of that was my SmartBoard. However, I did pick out new textbooks for every subject for next year. I feel very fortunate!! So actually, I've spent close to 5 grand after you count in textbooks.

Oh yeah, I'm just blown away that some of you have to pay for your copies. That is WILD. We have what looks like a paper factory in our lounge with like 25 different colors and tons of white. We just use when we want.

I didn't realize how lucky I am..

Mrs. G

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supply money

At the start of each school year we get $125.00 for supply money. The PFA gives us "Wish List" money later in the year ($150.00). The State of FL give us "Teacher Lead" money (approx. $100.00). Since I have been teaching 16 years, I can usually make this money stretch pretty far. Although there are always things I would like to buy. I still buy many things using my own money, but try to avoid spending too much.;)