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Support/Advice needed



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I have been teaching kg. for almost 15 years. I have forgotten how to teach. Apparently I am the worse teacher in the world. I keep getting poor evaluations and can't seem to please evaluators or administration. Recently told that I probably should look for other work perhaps Pre-K but couldn't be fired because of "tenure." I can't seem to get it together this year and am desperate. I work from 6:30 am to about 6:00 every day. I am so disappointed in myself and don't want to give up or admit defeat. I just keep digging a bigger and bigger hole for myself. I take trainings but can't seem to remember what I learned or begin to utilize it. I'm 61 years old, married and husband does not give much support. I had planned to teach for a while yet. I am not financially prepared to retire. Feeling so down, discouraged and confused. I take medication for depression and anxiety. I am too embarrassed to discuss this with my husband and don't have anyone else to confide in.

Thanks for taking the time to read:confused:.


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I'm sorry. You are in a hard place. Have you been told what area needs improvement? Do you think the meds might be interfering? Have you asked the doctor if that's possible? Is there anyone at your site who could help?


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I really don't know how to help, but it does sound like there is something else going on if you have been a successful teacher for 15 years! Have you had a change in your medication? Any other physical ailments? Has there been a significant change in what you are having to teach?

I think if it were me I would sit down and do some serious reflection. What things during the school day do you enjoy? What parts of the day do you feel are going well and the kids are learning? What are you doing differently now than you were, say, 5 years ago and has it made your teaching more or less effective? And maybe, is it that your teaching hasn't changed but the way you are being evaluated has? Are your students making progress? Do they enjoy school? Are they showing the growth they have in previous years?

After reflecting, I would choose one thing to work on for the rest of this year. And if there's anything that you have changed that has been less effective than previous years, I would go back to the old way. At this point in the year it doesn't sound like you need to please your admin because you won't. What you need to do is make your classroom a place that you enjoy and where you and your kids feel successful. And a place that you can leave at a reasonable hour and feel okay about what you are doing the next day!

I hope you are able to find someone at your site or close by that can help and support you. Nobody should have to struggle alone!


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PPs gave some good advice. Check your medication. Find a colleague you can confide in. Talk with the P or observer to pinpoint what it is exactly that they want to see. Maybe ask if you could do a peer observation to observe another teacher doing whatever it is.

Last year one of our teachers had a rough year. She was a mess after her first observation and was so stressed out when any observers came in after that. She psyched herself out. She ended up having an action plan and could have been fired this year if she didn't improve. She was determined to keep her job. She was proactive-watched videos, took classes, read books, did peer observations, asked observers for specific things to work on and focused on those. So far she is having a good year.

All that being said, I've been teaching 32 years. The new standards are more demanding and rigorous, but not always developmentally-appropriate for our young kindergarten students. Plus, the students are different from when I first started teaching.

Then top that off with Danielson's model for teacher evaluation. In order to do well, observers have to see the students initiating things like asking the higher level questions, solving problems on their own, correcting a peer's misbehavior, suggesting projects... Some administrators are so far-removed from kindergarten, they don't know what the evidence for the different domains would look like in a K classroom. They also don't understand that K and first grade are the foundation years. You are not going to see some of the things they are looking for-especially at the beginning of the year in a K classroom. (It is not fair. We differentiate for our students, but they use the same model to evaluate teachers Preschool -Grade 12. Even within a grade level, teachers do not all have the same group of students.)

I've taught mainly K and first grade during 32 years. The new demands essentially pushed kindergarten to becoming the "new first grade." Some of our little ones are just not emotionally ready for those demands. For some, K is their first time away from home and they have separation anxiety. K is so much more than academics. The social part is just as important at this grade level.


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Hang in there Palmtree 1. I have experienced some of your same feelings. I hope to teach many more years too, but sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with all the changes that are being made around me. We CAN do it! We are just going to have to try harder and work smarter. We were "called" to be teachers and our primary objective is to help children. That hasn't changed, but our methods are going to HAVE to change to meet that objective. It is going to take time and a lot of hard work. Depend on your fellow teachers and plan with them. If other teachers around you are successful, go find out what they are doing. I have found that an old dog can learn new tricks from young new teachers. I will say a prayer for you and all teachers who are working hard everyday to teach those precious young ones who walk through our doors. Good luck! Iteach2010 gave some wonderful advice and encouragement. Thank you Iteach, you helped me too.


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A lot has changed

in K since you started teaching 15 years ago. I started about that same time with first grade. I'm now expecting more out the kindergarteners than I did even for the first graders on some things.

iteachk2010 said a lot of what I was thinking.

I have watched a few very good teachers leave the classroom because they don't fit the new models and don't play the games. It is very painful and scary to see. I wish I some great advice for you that would make it all easier. All I can say is that I understand and that you are not alone. Others are facing the same challenges :(