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survey scams?



I am looking for a way to supplement my "educator income" without getting a second job. I keep coming back to the online paid surveys,
but haven't really found any that actually pay you (lots of cash drawings,
prizes, etc.) Does anyone actually know anyone that this has worked for and has made money? I just can't give up on it. I keep thinking I just haven't found the way to do it yet. Thanks!

Mrs. G

Senior Member

It is hard to make much money doing on line surveys. I can earn points that convert to money. I have earned about $80 this year. If you are interested in the sight I can email you with the information. You also earn points for referring people.:)


Full Member

Sometimes craigslist.com has market research surveys posted for your area. Got to the website, click on your city/area and then click on misc under the jobs heading. I have gotten calls several times from ones I have responded to. GL