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Survivor :(


Senior Member
So sad about last night's Survivor - Austin was voted off. I really thought Aras might go, but alas, the tribe felt otherwise. I'm certainly ready to see Shane and the blonde fire dancing girl (can't remember her name) go. I was rooting for Austin but now I'm torn about who I'd like to see win. Who do you think will win it all?


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Shane really needs to go. I'd like to see Terry win, but I can't understand why he let everyone know he's go the immunity idol. Unless I'm missing something here him letting everyone know he has it negates much of its purpose.


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I am rooting for Sally or Terry. I just can not believe that Ciri is still there! WHAT??? I love Survivor but the more I watch it the more I can't help but think that it is a little bit rigged... it seems the most annoying people (Shane and Courtney) never get voted off... it is good for ratings?

I don't get the whole immunity idol thing either. Why would Terry tell anyone he had it? Why didn't he not tell and then give Austin the necklace? That seems like better strategy to me? I guess that is why I am not on the show! ;) oh and I couldn't eat anything gross either!


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me too!

I was upset also. I was really hoping the yoga/karate guy and the dark haired girl (too many survivors and too many names) would flip to the other side. I was grinning ear to ear when Shane was going on about how surprised he would be if one person flipped and two people flipping would be impossible. I was rooting for Austin, Terry, and Sally. But I think their future is looking grim.