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Suspension--how to feel?


c green

Two little boys in my class--I privately call them The Worst Kid Ever and Passive/Aggressive Kid--have a feud which they brought with them from fifth grade last year. They hate each other. Don't miss a chance to strike out at one another.

The WKE is such a trial, that I tend to come down somewhat harder on him than the PAK, just because he is louder and more obnoxious. I try. I admit that the PAK is a sneak and a liar. They should not be in the same class together. But I am the only ESL teacher.

Yesterday, WKE starts yelling that PAK has a laser pointer which he shone in WKE's eyes. I say "OK, let me check it out", and go to investigate. This takes a little while, because the WKE is yelling, calling on others to bear witness, and accusing me of not doing nothing because I don't like him. Pandemonium.

Of course, by the time I get there, there's nothing to find in PAK's pockets. I talk to him for a while, telling him that I KNOW he has it--he denies--and that I want him to give it to me. No go. I tell him if there's any more trouble, he will be in serious difficulties. Denial. I warn him, and go back to work.

WKE goes to the VP complaining. VP opens an investigation. PAK is suspended for a day.

Now, in retrospect, I should have done more. Maybe. But I have sent kids to the office for lots worse and had them get maybe an hour's detention after school. WKE is one of the VPs favorite people--even teachers who have much better success with WKE than I have commented on it. I have been asking the VP for a sitdown between him and me and two parties involved for weeks. Nothing.

A kid I reported later that day for getting another kid in the eye with a book--deliberately--and then trying to dispose of the referral--is NOT gonna be suspended.

Discispline is just so erratic, that I can't tell what I should do.


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I agree

You are so right it is hard to tell. It is almost like if I am in a good mood I will do this if its bad I will do this. But isn;t it really that way for us all. Anyhow with the group of kids you have had this year just be glad that is one less to deal with for a day.