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switching to Read 180


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I'm switching my reading program over to Read 180 within the next couple of weeks. (Not sure of the timeline. It depends when furniture, computers, and training all come together.)

Currently I'm running loosely-structured centers, so my kids are somewhat used to the format though this is going to be more structured. I'm just trying to think through everything before the change gets made. Does anyone have suggestions as to how what I need to do in order to make the transition go smoothly? TIA


Read 180

My school just switched to Read 180, so we are still working out the bugs. I believe having the children rotate through different stations each day will get them used to what it is going to be like when they start the program. If you already have computers available they can get into their three groups and use the computer station to practice typing, because a lot of instructional children have a hard time finding the letters on the keyboard. If you have a classroom library of your own books they can use them for the independent reading station. In small group you can use whatever lesson you were planning for that day as the teacher instruction portion.


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I'm not that structured

Thanks for the suggestions.

What I now have are stations--three different assignments at various places in the room. The kids pick what to work on when and with who. It's really a self-paced reading lab. They are used to independent work, but the format is a lot looser than what Read 180 will be. Currently we're doing SSR in the beginning of class, but I'm planning on introducing lit circles once I get my classroom library leveled and arranged and write expectations and guidelines. I'm thinking that since they're used to doing things without a lot of guidence, they'll be okay with the Read 180 format.

It's been a stressful week. I'm in a new school this year and right now I feel a lot of things are getting thrown at me. I need to figure out who to dismiss from my class and the guidlines to use; they're adding 27 kids to my class; I'm trying to assess students the language teachers feel are in need; I'm running my stations and teaching my classes; grades are due next week; I'm going to switch at some point--don't know when; I keep getting new furniture so I'm prepetually rearranging everytime someone comes to my door to say "By the way, your new tables/coach/bookcases are here so figure out where you're going to put them within the next five minutes." Because stations are set up at various spots and the kids still need to complete them, I keep having to say where I moved them to this time and remind them we're in transition which is why my room changes every day or every class period! Yesterday I decided that the best way to meet my Reading objectives in one class was to have a group of boys assemble my bookcases! (It works actually. Reading, following directions, sequencing, problems solving, cooperative group work.... Reading can be a flexible class!)

I'm trying to stay organized, but it's really getting to be a challenge. I don't have computers yet--I'm sure I'll be told I'm getting them 5 minutes before they arrive and while my kids are taking a test. I'm not trained yet either.

Maybe I should worry about making a smooth transition after the chaos is over? I can start actual rotations in a couple of weeks--with or without computers.

My principal brought me a great couch this afternoon. My son is positive that my room will be the coolest one in the school once I have it all arranged. Until then, I can crash on my new couch whenever I get tired. :)

Sorry, I'm not really complaining, but I felt the need to vent a little.


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Our school just switched also

I'm not the Read 180 teacher, although I'm thinking about applying for a position there next year. Anyway, you said you had to figure out which kids to keep and which to drop. I do know our teachers had to give the kids a test that is part of the READ 180 program to do this screening. Thought that might help you decide what to do.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm on it though.

I took my kids into the computer lab last week to do the SRI test. I'm not sure how accurate the results were. The better they read, the longer the test goes so I had some start clicking on anything to get it over with. (Apparently the moon was full and hormones were high that day.) I also had a couple who ended up getting high Lexile scores through determination and hard work. I want to keep those kids reguardless. Earlier this year I did the San Diego Quick assessment on the kids and am glad I did. (Another diagnostic test.) I also do fluency checks with them fairly regularly. I pull passages at their approximate reading level and listen for fluency and comprehension. So I know about where they are.

The problem is the fact the kids did a practice TAKS test a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to dismiss anyone who did poorly on that test, though some of it is a motivational issue which I can't fix. Kids tend to have the attitude of "it's not the real one so I don't have to try very hard." I also don't have all the scores back.

I have a list of students I'm thinking of exiting and I'm meeting with my principal on Monday to discuss criteria. I'm new in the school so I'm still feeling my way and figuring out how much power I have.

Thanks again though! :)
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Do you have a block of time for Read 180? Have your students rotate through 4 centers every twenty minutes. The first group should be whole group where you do modeled reading, reading strategies, ect. For the remaining 60 minutes, break the students in to 3 groups and have them rotate through three centers every 20 minutes. At the end of class, come back together for the last 10 minutes and review the day. Then they will be used to it when you finally implement the program.


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thank you

Thank you for the suggestions. I did buy a timer and my room is starting to take form.

We have 60 minute classes, so I'm thinking of making Monday my whole group teaching day. Would that make sense? I haven't heard of really shortening the time at the centers much. I'd hate to go much less than 20 minutes on a rotation.