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table is set


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I can't believe it but, one thing led to another and before I knew it today the dining room table was set for Thanksgiving. I feel sort of silly setting it so early but I needed to see if the new tablecloth would fit and pretty soon the dishes came out. I usually set it a day or two ahead so I'm not working all day Thursday. Guess I'll enjoy how it looks and start cooking 2 side dishes Tues. (after conferences) then the pies Wed.


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You are on Fire

Now you know that your table looks great! You are ready to enjoy the process of the holiday and open to more enjoyment for yourself! I envy your forethought and energy. Wish conferences were over for me. One more day!


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I've done that before!

Your post made me smile! I've done the exact same thing before. Now, are you stopping into the dining room to admire it 10 times a day? :D

Happy Thanksgiving dinner at your beautiful table!<!--leaves_fall--><!--leaves_fall-->


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I feel like a slacker... we are eating our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I haven't even cleared OFF the table yet! :eek: Better get busy!


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just wondering...

So now where do you put all the mail, backpacks, neckties after school, newspapers, books, homework...(guess what my house looks like!!<!--misspeak-->)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


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I LOVE the look of a set table!! :):rolleyes: I host Christmas at our house and usually set it a few days ahead of time. I think it looks so pretty. The hard part is CLEARING it off ahead of time!! :rolleyes: