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Take home Animal/Book


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I have a stuffed animal that goes home with a student every night. A notebook is included for the student and parents to write about their adventures with the stuffed animal. They have greatly enjoyed this but are starting to get tired and I'd like to try something different. Another animal? A book plus props? I'd like some ideas if any of you send something home with your students.


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Petunia in Kansas Whisper Phones, puppets

Whisper phone. 2 curved pieces and a small straight piece. Glued together they look like a telephone receiver. They whisper read in one end and can hear themselves in the other end that is at their ear.

Read and record a book and take it home for parents and student to read along and listen to the books.

Finger puppets to go along with a book.

Send home some play dough and they read the book and make something related to the book with their play dough. Display the items until everyone has had a turn.

Chick a Chick a Boom Boom is a neat book....Send home a different letter with each student and have them decorate the letter and make them into a Chick a Chick a Boom Boom Bulletin Board.

If you or anybody wants puppet patterns, play dough recipes. Send me an e mail address that I can attach to and ask for puppet and play dough recipes and I will share.


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take home animals

We have kindergarten kangaroos that go home with a sleeping bag, favorite story and a journal.
Next we send home the Cat in the Hat with his book and a journal for them to write rhyming words in.
We sent home a pig and the book If You Give A Pig a Pancake. In the journal they finished the story starter. If you bring a pig to my house he will want ...
I also send home a lunch box and the students put one item in the box and return it to school with 3 clues written about their item. We guess similar to the 20 questions game. We ask 3 yes or no questions for each clue the student reads to try to figure out what is in the box.
We call it "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?". It helps with their question asking and they really enjoy it.