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talent show



Does anyone have any ideas for a group of fifth grade girls to do for the school's annual talent show? I have a group of 5-6 girls who really want to participate. All of my ideas have been termed "not cool" at all. I get so tired of lipsyncing. Any ideas would really be appreciated. I am brain drained after report cards. Thanks.


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our talent show

I share your thoughts on lip/syncing. We finally banned it. Dance routines, comedians, magic, karate demonstrations have really been great in the past. I forgot to add the typical piano/instrumental solos or vocal singing.


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My fifth graders

My girls love to make up songs and dance routines. Also cheers are very popular with that age.

How about writing a play and acting it out.

How about a parady of the teachers and pri ncipal



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Lipsynching is also not allowed at our talent show. Gymnastics are always a big hit. Last year a couple of girls made up a dance to "car wash" from Shark Tale. They wore shorts and t-shirts from a local car wash and had on caps. They carried out buckets (no water). It was really cute.


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Hula Hoop

When my daughter was in fifth grade she and a freind made up a hula hoop routine to a song and did that. THey loved it. We even bought them matching outfits on clearance at the local K-mart for 5.40. It was cool and that was just a few years ago.:cool: