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Tanny McGregor and Cris Tovani


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I have both of their books that have been on my reading list for AGES.

I've read about 1/4 of Tovani's I Read It, But I Don't Get It and it doesn't seem to be so applicable to a 2nd grade classroom. (Granted, it does say in the title that it is for adolescent readers!)

I just ordered McGregor's Comprehension Connections and it's come!

Question: Am I missing something really great if I abandon Tovani for McGregor?


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McGregor is Great!

I haven't heard of the Tovani book you referred to, BUT Comprehension Connections is WONDERFUL and very applicable to 2nd grade. She basically advocates for making reading strategies/thinking concrete by using real-life objects in order for students to understand. I was fortunate to actually see Tanny McGregor talk in person. Of course there was a long line of us wanting her to autograph our copies of her book. Well, when I got up there, was I surprised that she wanted all of us to sign her book. Anyway, her book is well worth the time and money! I walked away feeling inspired.
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Thank You!!!!!

I'll pass along the Tovani book to a middle school teacher then. Thanks for taking the time to share!


Tovani & McGregor

I have read and used ideas from both books. Chris Tovani's book is definitely better for upper elementary or intermediate grades. Comprehension Connections really worked with my 2nd graders and I used quite a bit of nonfiction for the strategies.

Mz. L.

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Have you read...

Reading with Meaning and Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller? Also, Kathy Collins' Growing Readers? They are basic must haves for primary Readers' Workshop.


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Mz. L,

Reading with Meaning is dog eared, loved, and regularly read!!! I have not read Growing Readers or Teaching with Intention, but have thought about them. I bought McGregor's book over Growing Readers because I thought it would be more practical. And I do like it--it was a good purchase.

I will DEFINITELY buy Growing Readers next. It's been on my list too long!

If only these books weren't so expensive........

Many thanks for the tips!


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Comprehension Connections

is the bomb.com. I LOVE it. It hits all the main point of Debbie's RwM and gives concrete lessons to go with it. I have done the schema lessons already - roller tape lesson was amazing! I have used the garbage lesson too - and it is amazing. My goal this year is to use every lesson.


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Real Reading Salad

The only lesson I have used so far is the Real Reading Salad--oh my gosh my class loves it! I haven't read enough to have gotten to the garbage lesson!

Thanks for sharing!


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Reading strategies

So, if I follow Comprehension Connections and Reading with meaning, I should be fine and I will cover the requirements of the CCSS?
Please share any suggestions and advice.
Thank you so much.