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Tax payers dollars wasted!


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Ok, I enjoy an easy day just as much as the next guy, but after talking to other subs and sitting around all day at a job, I hate knowing that we were getting paid for doing nothing! I had to sub for an art teacher. We'll it just so happened that on this day she had one art class at the very end of the day. The rest of her time was spent in a room where kids come in during the day for extra help. We had 2 kids all day and 3 or 4 teachers in there! I read Island of the Blue Dolphins while I was there.

I talked to a sub today who subbed for P.E only to find out the kids didn't have specials that day. She went to the office offering her help for anything and they gave her nothing! She also got paid to read a book.

I'm from Texas and 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders took the TAKS test on Tuesday. I was subbing for a 1st grade teacher who was a monitor for this test. She was finished at 11! Since I was in the system for all day, she left early and I stayed with her class. Sorry to complain about getting paid but it just seems like such a waste of money for the tax payers! Am I crazy for thinking this?



Not at all, just consider it your payment for those days when you have to work extra hard with no extra pay.



I agree with Bob. There are some days when I'm so busy that I barely get a chance to breathe. When you get a day like the one you had, enjoy it!

A few years ago, I accepted a floating high school job. Some "expert" was coming in to meet with teachers individually. Unfortunately, nobody had coordinated the schedule well. When I arrived in the morning, they weren't sure what to do with me. I was told to have a seat in the office, and they'd send me to a classroom soon. Well . . . I wasn't sent to a classroom until late in the morning. I was only there for about a half hour.
Later in the day, I spent an hour in another classroom. The rest of the day I sat in the office reading newspapers and magazines they brought me. Yes, I got paid for a day's work. Remember those old commercials about the Maytag repairman?


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I know what you mean but I do agree with others. There has been times when I have subbed in the elementary and you never get a chance to sit down even when the students are at Music or P.E. Also while the students are gone many teachers expect you to copy, get things ready for next assignment or grade papers. So I wouldn't feel to guilty when you don't do much. In high school it is that way many times because some teachers don't want the subs to teach so the majority of the day (unless students need disciplined or help on homework) you sit around a lot. Still I would prefer to sub in elementary because sometimes high school can get pretty boring if you have to do a lot of sitting around.