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teacher made learning activity



Hi everyone! I am a student and we have been given the assignment to create teacher made learning center activities. The only problem I am having is that i am not a teacher and we have not been given any direction for this project! I do not even know where to get started on this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not need specifics just something to get me started. The activities are for Math, Language Arts or Science. Thank you to anyone that can help!


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centers ideas

If you go to http://classroom.jc-schools.net/read/raiseroof.htm you can print out a reading game that could be used as a center.

Also, if you go to www.mspowell.com and click on "math tubs" there are a lot of games that you could put together pretty easily. Many only need playing cards or dominoes. She also has ideas for centers on her site and links to other sites about centers.

A poetry center is also pretty easy. Google some kids' poems online and copy and paste them into a word document. After printing, cut them apart and mount them on tag board. Put them all in a manilla envelope with the directions on it. The directions I have are for the kids to read and sort the poems in the envelope. They might sort them by rhyming, not rhyming, by subject, by use of poetic conventions (alliteration, personification, etc.), whether or not they like the poems, anything else you can think of. I like this one because it's pretty differentiated.

Good luck!



I found a link to a really good website on an old message board.
You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view everything. Good luck!


Just a quick note. Teacher made material is anything that you design. It usually intales a game such as jepordary, spelling bingo, math baseball, try a search for teacher made resources. You will get a lot of information.


infants games

i currently work in a childcare center and we have to make teacher made games for infants. We can can not use file folders games.



You could also go to childcareland.com where they have many ideas for teacher made activities. They even tell you where to look for the items to use. these ideas are found under Teacher Ideas.
Hope this helped.;)



go to childcareland.com and you'll find so many ideas your head will spin


preschool teacher

I am a preschool teacher and have been a toddler teacher as well and teacher made toys and activities are my favorite hobby. For math you can use any kind of sorting activities using laminated boards, egg cartons, muffin tins, etc. Find things like beans, pennies, cotton balls, packing peanuts, etc. to use as counters. I even know someone who used headbands with antlers on them and tossed hair bands on them that they had to count. In language, you can do sorting activities by sorting letter sounds that they start with. (I would use a small can or container and put the letters on them and cut out pictures of things with words that start with the letter and laminate them. have them place the square pictures in the proper can.) you can have them match rhyming pictures. For your science area, you can place paper and pens or pencils so that they can document in there own way their findings. You can add things like rocks, plants, even sticks and magnifying glasses. science is a little harder, but you can always use large pieces of paper to gather information as a group on to increase literacy. Let the kids make playdough and keep in that area. I hope that I have been able to help. good luck.


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Teresa Wilson's website

I have tried and tried to get to this wonderful website everyone is talking about, but I can't get it to come up. Tell me how.