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Teachers College Reading Curricular Calendars

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I was trying to find the primary grade reading curricular calendars on the TCRWP website without luck. Does anyone happen to have saved copies they can post? Also, are there ones available that are newer than 2006-2007?



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Ooh, sorry I have them on hard copy but can't find them to post. Have you looked at Kathy Collin's book called Growing Readers? We have been using that as first grade teachers to guide our year. It may help you if no one posts the curriculum calendar.


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available at Heinemann

Reading and Writing workshop curricular plans (calendars) are available online for $10 each at www. heinemann. com for every grade from kindergarten to 8th.

I got the both reading and writing for kindergarten, and they are exactly what I got when I attended the reading institute a few years ago only up to date. They are a digital download, so they email you a link and then you can download the document to your computer and either print it or view it online. For those of us who are not project schools and who can't go to the institutes each summer, this is a great thing.


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Hi Merci
Sorry to be a pest but I went to the Heinemann site and couldnt findthe download or mention of these plans. I sent email help question out to them but havent heard back- so I am not sure if I am following the right thread, or avenue. Can you post or put up the actual http request link address for their digital download so that I can follow up. I am trying to mentor two new Kindergarten teachers in my school and if I could either direct them to this link or purchase it myself and share it with them it would be great. Thank you for any help you can provide.