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teacher's kid... nervous!!!


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Hello. This is not really a VENT, but I didn't see anywhere else it would fit.

I'm a second year teacher. I feel like I do an adequate job. I give my all to my job (here early, stay late, attend extracurricular events, etc...) I've never had any parent complaints, my students have done well on grade-level reading and math tests, and I truly feel like they're learning. However, I do not consider myself one of those "awesome teachers." It's definitely what I aspire to be, but I don't feel like I'm even close to there yet.

Well, another teacher in my school told me she requested her daughter to be in my class next year. I"M TERRIFIED!!! I don't know why, but it really makes me nervous at the thought of having teacher's kids. I'm not overly-creative (even though I'm trying more and more each day) and I'm afraid I will be a let-down to a fellow teacher.

Am I just being paranoid, or is it more challenging teaching a teacher's kiddo? Please tell me your experiences. (especially if they are good!) :)


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Don't worry

Congratulations! This is definitely a compliment! I am a first year teacher and have had two requests for teachers' children to be in my room next year...I initially felt just like you! Of course, it is a little scary...but take advantage of the potential resource in this parent/colleague. Most likely, they will be the least of your worries; after all, they're teachers too! :)
Good Luck!
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Same Year

This is my first year full time at the school, and I have one of the other teacher's daughters. I was terrified, because while I knew the teacher (I student taught and did a long term sub position in the school) I didnt know her well, and I wasn't sure how to handle the situation.

The year has been FANTASTIC! This kiddo is awesome, mom has been nothing but complimentary (I wasn't requested--the little girl just ended up in my room), and I am dreading saying goodbye to her at the end of the year.

Parent/teacher conferences were a little awkward, but only because I didn't feel the need to go into depth the same way that I did with other kiddos (she knows the curriculum, DIBELS, etc.) Other than that, it's been great.

The little girl has told her mom that she loves me, and she cries when mom talks about her going to third grade (our school only goes to 2nd grade). Honestly, I get teary eyed when I think about her leaving. :( We've developed a fantastic relationship, and I'm so glad shes one that Ill be able to keep in touch with through her mom.

DON'T stress over it! It WILL be fine; especially since they were requests!:D

cincy teacher

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teacher's kids

Don't worry. I have one of the teacher's kids in my room now. I had the same feelings initially, but things are going great.


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Teacher's Kids

I have had a relative of almost every paraprofessional in my school at one point or another (I teach pre-k). Sometimes it has gone well and sometimes it has not. I find it really useful to set boundaries early in the year. I find it works best if I make it clear to the child that I am the person who sets the rules by not letting in to the temptation to tattle to mom if things go wrong, since she's just down the hall. I also am much more selective about the information I share about other children in the class with that person, treating them more like a parent than a coworker.

I am sure it will go fine though. It is a huge compliment and she wouldn't ask for you if she didn't like what she sees.


teacher's kid

Try having the principal's kid in your class! Next year the principal's child will be attending my school.


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parent of a teacher's kid

My son is on my campus (a middle school.) We both came in new, so initially many of his teachers didn't link us together.

I didn't need any ground rules and neither did he. I'm pretty hands off and his teachers have been great about treating me as a colleague since many of our conversations have been professional and not about my son. They don't feel the need to give me a blow-by-blow account of his actions and work in class. As for my son, he knows he needs to behave better than the other kids since if he messes up I WILL hear about it.

Other than an occasional complaint that he can't seem to manage to ask me to sign anything (Why Brett, is it too hard to find your mom or something?), it's gone really well.

Ima Teacher

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I've had LOTS of teacher's kids in my 13 year career. . . some from teachers in our building and some elsewhere in our district or other districts. Most of the kids are quite cooperative and have nothing but good things to say. Some of the kids are handfuls, and the parents don't seem to care what they do either. Really the only problems I've had have been from teachers in elementary schools who have kids in middle school who are, well, just immature. The parents often have a hard time understanding that we're different in middle school than in elementary school, and the kids need to develop more responsibility. Overall, I've had pleasant experiences with teacher's kids.


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What grade

If you are concerned about the child's behavior then talk with the child's teacher for this school year. I agree with most posters, I have had good and not good experiences. It really depends on the parent. If the parent is supportive things will go great. Do not worry about your experience, you are what this child needs and the parent knows this.


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I have always had my two kids at school with me, and always had teachers kids. Some years it goes great, other years not so great. I liked the teachers of my kids who didn't tattle but brought me in when they would any other parent, same for bragging. I think you being requested was a sincere compliment--enjoy it!



Is it possible that she sees things in you that you don't see in yourself? Creativity is wonderful, but I am sure she would rather have her child learn . . This is my third year and let me tell you I am 99.9% more effective as a teacher than I was last year. You will be surprised at how much easier it will be next year. You have all summer to look at different projects to do with your class.


It's a compliment

Take her request as a compliment, as scary as it may be. I'm in my second full year this year, and I have several teacher's kids in my class. Of course, I'm the only teacher in my grade level (small school), so there's no option, but it's been a smooth year. I've found teachers as parents to be very understanding and supportive. Don't worry about being creative all the time - I don't know anyone who can do that. If you're aspiring to be a great teacher, chances are you are pretty close to it if you're not already.

The only thing I don't like about having teacher's kids is that I'm always worried I'll be criticized for not doing it the way the parents would. I haven't had any problems - at least any that I know of :)


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that's great!

I work with some teachers' kids, and the teachers basically act like parents when they come to see me, not teachers who work with me. I find it interesting that it works that way. Of course, if you have a problem with the kids of teachers, you know exactly where to go! I have found that the parents/teachers are very supportive, because they know just how hard your job is.


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Thanks, but still nervous! :)

I reread my post and just realized I left off the most nerve-wrecking part. She teaches the same grade level as me!!! I don't know why, but that makes me even more nervous....


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Last year was my first year teaching and I had one of our teacher's kid, my principal's kid, our school office manager's kid, and one of our aide's kid. I felt that I had enough to stress over, it just being my first year and all, that I didn't need to stress over anything else. To me, they were just students in my class like everyone else. And I felt exactly as you do; I still don't consider myself an awesome teacher (matter of fact, I feel quite inadequate much of the time) but I just did my best and figured I'd deal with them (parents) just as I would any other parent if any issues came up. And you know, I think that's what they (the parents) expect. I think that, given the fact that this mother is a teacher herself, she will most likely be very understanding of your position. She knows how hard it is to teach and stresses that come with it and everything - I seriously doubt that she would expect you to be perfect. : )

One thing I did have to watch - it was tempting to want to tell them all about what their kids were doing in class because they (the parents) were there at school and I talked to them often. But I realized that I don't call up the other parents all the time and tell them every little thing, so I made a point not to share information with them about their kids unless it was neccesary.

Mrs. O

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Headmaster's child

I teach at a private school and I have had several teacher's kids come through my room. I even had our headmaster's daughter a couple of years ago. I was nervous too, but everytime it has worked out well. I am sure you are going to do a great job!

Brooke S.

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teacher's kids

I had a teacher's kid last year and really never thought much about it. It was fine, the only thing that was annoying is she would get in these kicks where she would want to call her mom about changing the way to go home. But other than that no big deal. I did get annoyed that her mom didn't make her read and do her homework very well. I couldn't believe a teacher would allow her child to get away with it. But all was well.


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my child

My child is right across the hall from me this year. I requested her teacher and we have had a great year. I truly trust her teacher and even though we teach the same grade and are right across the hall we both have our own teaching styles. We don't do everything the same and that is fine with me. She does things her way and I do my stuff my way. My daughter is happy and loves school and loves her teacher. I tell my colleagues (coaches, aides, music teachers, etc.) that I want my daughter treated the same as every other kid in the school. If she is having a problem then it needs to be taken care of and to please let me know. My daughter is very good in school, so that has not been a problem, but still I want them to know that I expect her to be treated the same. I tell her that she doesn't get special treatment b/c she is my daughter and she if fine with that. Now when my son gets there I may have more parent/teacher conferences. Ha-Ha!!


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don't worry

What a coincidence!! I was in the exact same situation at the beginning of this year (and it was the beginning of my third year too!) :o I feel your pain! Look at it this way (this is how I try to rationalize it to myself)-- it only makes you stronger. Even though I know that this particular teacher mom doesn't "study" my newsletter and question the things that come home (I forgot to mention that she teaches the SAME grade in another elementary in our dis.), I often find myself tweaking something a little, or wording my newsletter a little differently just because I think it might read wrong to another teacher.

That can only make me a better teacher. Plus-- once you do this once, if it happens again, it won't be as hard. Last plus-- teachers are extra understanding. If she's in your district, she's even more understanding, because she knows what you're going through and what district stuff you deal with. Good luck...it won't be bad!! ;)


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Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and providing words of encouragement for me! I'm starting to feel better about it. I think maybe I have a touch of "inferiority complex" when it comes to teaching. I need to get over that!

Thanks so much for your help!