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Teacher's Kids


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For the first time, I have another teacher's daughter in my class. The girl is sweet, smart, and always has her act together. Her mother taught 3rd last year but has moved up to 6th. Mom has been a little pushy, but not overly so. We had a conference in October. Things went ok, but I felt mom was comparing MY third grade teaching style and knowledge to HERS - and seemed to think I am lacking.

So tonight I got an email from this mom. Said she has some concerns and just hates sending notes. (She sends quite a few.) She feels she comes across as mad or mean - which she doesn't. Just as a (possibly overly) concerned parent who wants the best for her daughter. She wants another conference to go over her concerns.

I can think of NOTHING that has triggered this. Mom says daughter loves me and my class. There have been issues outside of school with another child (who is in my class too) that Mom is upset about. Mom was on the verge of requesting her child be moved to another class - but didn't because daughter loves it.

I'm thinking about sending a reply and setting up a conference for Tuesday morning. (Can't tomorrow as I have to leave at 11:30.) I'm also going to ask her what her concerns are so I can investigate and have answers for her. Does that sound like a plan? Help!!


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I wouldn't hesitate to ask, in advance, about her concerns. Tell her you want to be prepared with any help you can give and some advance notice would make your time together more effective. She sounds like a typical, concerned, caring mom. Try not to be overly anxious. ;) You know her daughter is a good, successful student. I'm sure there is something going on with "friends" - outside of the classroom and she is just looking for your advice and support. Be open and warm when she comes in. Listen carefully and simply state your observations. It seems she is just looking for some support. Good luck with your conference. I hope it all goes well for you.