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teacher's religion



I got a call for an interview for a 4th grade teacher at a Catholic school nearby. I'm not sure how they got my name, but I have been searching for years for a job in the public schools without any luck. Anyway, I'm wondering if they are looking for someone who is Catholic and is that a bad question to ask when I return the call? (I am protestant). Also, do most of you teach Bible class? A friend told me in her son's school, the prinicipal teaches it. Thanks for any tips, etc..I love teaching and don't mind the religious affiliation difference if they don't...

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Probably depends on the school

I think that schools will vary on whether they expect you to be the denomination of the school or not. I taught at a Lutheran school in Chicago where they did not care if I was Lutheran, as long as I was willing to teach the religion curriculum. (At that school, most of the students weren't Lutheran - so if students asked questions that would have a denomination specific answer (like method of baptism, etc) we were told to refer the student to their parents. My husband currently teaches at a Lutheran school where all the teachers are not only expected to be Lutheran, but they also are required to complete colliquy courses in Lutheran education (through a Concordia University) if they did not go to a Concordia Univ. for undergrad.

My guess - since they cold called you - is that they are not going to be too worried about it as long as you are willing to teach the curriculum and familiarize yourself with Catholic doctrine, etc. in order to answer student questions.

Unless the school is large enough to have it's own religion teacher, I would say you're probably going to be asked to teach a Bible/Religion class.


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Catholic School

I have taught in a Catholic school for the past 14 years. We have had both Catholic and non catholic teachers. When a teacher was not catholic, another teacher would trade for a subject and teach their religion.

If you go in with a positive Christian attitude and be willing to follow the curriculum, you should have no problem in the interview.

Worse case senerio, you at least get practice at a job interview.

Good luck. I hope all goes well for you.

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I teach in a Catholic school, and it really depends on the school. There are teachers at my school who are not Catholic and still teach there...it's not a requirement at my school. I know some religious-affiliated private schools want their teacher to be that religion. In terms of Religion class, the classroom teacher teaches that. It's probably different in every school! I would ask if you will be teaching that when they call and/or at the interview. We have a book to use, and I'm sure you will, too.

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We have both non Catholic & Catholic teachers at my Catholic school. They only require you to be Catholic if you are teaching the Religion class. I would imagine that someone else is teaching that.
I was raised protestant & converted to Catholic religion so that I could attend church with my husband. It's not that different. You'll be fine.


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Teacher's Religion

I teach in an Episcopal school, and I am not Episcopalian. I do attend services there for special occasions. This was discussed when I accepted the job. (I am in the small choir at my own church, and do not miss unless I give the director prior notice.)

We have a teacher come in weekly to do a regular religion class. I do the daily work, staying within our attribute of the week. We attend church and chapel, so there isn't much for me (with religion) to do on those days.


I found out...

In case anyone else is wondering, you were right, turns out they need someone Catholic to teach the religion class. She said she will try to see if she can get someone to do it, however since there is only one 4th grade it may be tricky. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement!