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Teaching cross-curricular


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I have a 3rd grade self-contained classroom. Because of time constraints and a multitude of special pull-out programs, our social studies currriculum suffers. As a grade level we are considering covering our social studies curriculum through reading/language arts by reading non-fiction selections on social studies topics, etc. Has anybody else done something similar? Are we off-track or is this feasible? Since we are self-contained, there are no bells or other means of designating class times. We can be as flexible as we want, as long as the material is covered. We are thinking of not giving a social studies grade on the report card if we incorporate this into language arts. Any thoughts or ideas?


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I think it can be done. But where will you cover reading maps, charts, etc. Parts of it can be incorporated easily. For example, I do a lot of writing in my SS class. They get a SS grade for content and a writing grade for Lang. Arts.

Will you run into any problems not having a grade in social studies? What will you have to show that they have covered state objectives?

silpada girl

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need ideas for teaching social studies

I am a new fifth grade teacher and I am struggling with this subject. I am not a whiz at social studies and I am basiclally learning the material the same time the kids are learnig it. My problem is that I am having trouble with teaching it. If I read or the other kids read the text, I know most of the class is falling asleep. If they read it independently, I know some of my low kids aren't getting it. I tried having them use sticky notes as they read and mark places that I have posed questions. Some are able to do it and others are not. To what extent do fifth graders take notes on this material? Or do we just read it and then we do a study sheet together? I am really confused. Any suggestions? I read alot about ISN, but I am trying so many new things in my room, I don't know if I could introduce something else that will require alot of time to figure out. Please help and thanks