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Teaching in Egypt

manar america

New Member
Hi, We are a recently opened American System school in Ismalia, Egypt. This is the second largest city in Egypt, on the Suez Canal. I would like to hire new, or retired teachers who would enjoy learning a new culture, and living outside the states for a year or two. If your interested let me know and we can talk about specfics.


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I have been looking to get into the DODS Ed system for a couple of years. I love to travel and experience different cultures. I have a K-8 certificate. I have no arabic language skills but I am a good listener and learner. I would love to hear more about this position and any information you may be able to give. Thanks


hire me!!

hi there, well im actually from the uk and not the states, however i have worked with kids before in a like school which has school kids from kindergarten to grade 6, anyways, i have a tefl experience, i am a good listener and i love teaching children, i plan to come to egypt in june, so if possible please get back to this post if you would like to know more, or maybe assist me in trying to find suitable employment if you cannot offer this to me?