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Teaching outlining and notetaking


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Have any of you tried to teach your fourth graders how to outline or take notes? It is very difficult! If anyone has any pointers, I'm all ears! :confused:




Try this website from the Big 6. www.big6.com is a good resource if you want to spend some time looking around there. They have a lot of lessons on researching and notes.


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T Chart Notes

I give them t-chart notes-

One side I may put down the unit questions- the other side they write the answers to each wuestion or vise versa- I have created Science/ Social studies fact files where they fill in information through various summarizing/ outlining activities- ie: using these three words summarize this section in 1 sentence. ABC's of Earth- Space-Southwest- whatever unit we are studying. They also take a piece of paper fold it hotdog styke- tear the first layer into however many vocab terms they have for this section. On top tab they write the word inside flap-left definition, inside flap-right a sentence. This way they have all of there studting materials in a file folder to take home for their test. I have other ideas if you are interested.