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Teaching possibility for american????


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My husband is canadian and really really wants to move back when we have a little one. We are going to start trying this summer. I am worried about getting a teaching job there. Any suggestions?????
I teach in a Catholic school here which he says is plus for me, but after going online some I think it will be hard with the number of teachers looking for jobs there and not getting what they want.
I'm a bit worried and understand why he wants to move back, but I dont think we could make it with a new little one on one income, and I really LOVE my job and dont want to quit.
any thoughts?? I would greatly appreciate it. :)


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Are you teaching now

Are you teaching now?

There is an opening at my school (a Catholic School) for a second grade teacher. It starts immediately though. In Alberta, Catholic schools are provincally funded so teachers make the same as in the public system.

I understand about quitting. The vacancy is because I quit...too long of a commute for me.


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i teach now and not sure when the move will b

he wants to move when a baby comes, I'm not sure when that will be. I teach first grade now and have taught 2nd before.

any suggestions for getting started on paperwork or testing or whatever it will take for me to get certified there???


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Teaching in Canada

If you are planning on moving to a larger center it may be more difficult to get a job teaching. If you have other skills, second language, music, that can definitely help in the job hunt.

Once you know you are moving back (if you make that decision) I would contact the school districts in the province you are moving back to. If your husband can find a job in a smaller community, there may be more opportunities for you to find an opening in a school in that community.

On a personal note, it sounds like you are not really keen on moving away from where you are right now so I would concentrate on talking about this more as a move with a little one will be more stressful and you need to looking forward to the move rather than dreading it.

Another thing to think about is the fact that in Canada you can after working for a year be able to get Maternity leave for up to 12 months. I know this does not exist in the States where 3 months seems to be closer to the maximum. So you may want to think about moving here and working for a year or even part of a year to get that maternity leave which would allow you to be home longer with your baby.