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"Team" theme needed!



Our school is doing a type of "Teamwork" theme next year. Any suggestions about a type of "Team" or maybe a sport theme?


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Teamwork Ideas

"Bounce Back Into Learning" was a theme I did for "Back to School" one year. Soccer was huge in there, so I did soccerballs that appeared to be bouncing across the bulletin board with little "bounce" marks. That would work well with basketball, too.

The students could design their own jerseys...I saw that once in a book of Glyphs, where you ask students a series of questions, and their jersey is designed according to their responses.


Our school did that theme this year. My classroom management system was "make a slam dunk with good behavior." My beginning of the year bulletin board was "Kicking off the new year" and used tennis shoes kicking a football with their names on it. Also, I did "Get in the game of reading" and I did all different sports cutouts and put faces on them and book cutouts too. Hope this helps!

6th is for me

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Team Theme

I did a sports theme in my room last year and I found all kinds of team/sports items at party supply stores. Also, I found inflatable bongo sticks that had "Go Team" printed on them; I displayed them all around the room and gave them to the students at the end of the year.