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I am looking for any advice or information about doing a three way team. We may have to hire a new teacher and our principal wants us to do a three way team. If you have done this or currently do this, how do you work out your minutes. It's for fourth grade. Currently I do all the LA and my partner does Math and Content.


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When my school department was more enlightened, I teamed for one fantastic year. One partner was the math specialist.( She is now the buliding math guru.) Another taught science, and I was the Social Studies teacher. We did our own literacy and writing lessons for our homeroom classes. Enjoy it!!!!!!! I'm so jealous.;)


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Our way of team teaching

I team teach but we do it differently. I teach 5th grade.

Each of us teach our own Reading, Religion, Math, Science and Social Studies. I teach 1 class and the other spelling. This allows the kids to get all of the teachers, get use to moving and several teachers' expectations. We also group our kids for special projects in all of the classes so we work together a lot. We also give the same tests on the same days. Yes, we do some things differently but this works very well.


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Team teaching

I am at a new school this year. The principal wanted us to try teacm teaching. You would have thought he was asking us to find the cure for cancer. Some of the teachers bucked, complained , and out and out refuserd to do so.

Another teacher and I ( She is new also. We both transfered from the same school.) teach grades 4 & 3. We have done many projects together.
A plant unit
A skeleton unit
A simple machine unit
An Indian Unit

We are starting a solar system and creative writing unit on Tuesday when we go back to school. We love it. The kids love it. The parents agree with it also. My kids ask me every day, are we going to work with grade 4. They look forward to spending the last hour of the day together. We work together at least 3 or 4 days a week. It could work with three teachers as well. It takes a lot of pressure off of you when you work with others.

We love it and are planning to continue doind it even though no one else in the building is doing it.

By the way- we now have no principal. He resigned last week. Our head teacher is the acting principal until they hire someone else. She is not for team teaching but, told us she doesn't care what we do as long as no one complains to her about it.

Marie from PA


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Team Teaching

I am self contained and have been since I started in 3rd grade 3 years ago. But I hear "tales" of when this 3rd grade did what they called "block". Where they had 3 teacher teams. 1 teacher would teach Rdg/Math. One teacher would teach Reading/Math. One teacher would teach Science/Soc Studies. BUT.... Only the reading and math teachers had homerooms. They would have appoximately 28 students in their homeroom. They would would each send 1/2 of their students to the Science/Soc Studies teacher for a block then switch. This way the Reading/Math teachers were teaching to 14 kids and the SS teacher had 28. Also, the rdg/math teachers, one would send 14 highest one would send 14 lowest. This way the Reading/Math teachers were able to teach more to the "level" of the students and the students were not "ability grouped" all day. Amazingly, the SS/Science teacher is the one now saying she wished we would go back to this even though she had 28 compared to the others 14 at a time.

Not sure if any of that made sense kind of hard to explain in writing.


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3 Teacher Team

I teach 5th grade, and we have been trying to convince our principal to let us team for the past few years. We were finally successful for this year, and we love it! It is so much easier when it comes to planning lessons. We have 9 fifth grade units, so we have 3 different teams with 3 teachers on each team. I am the reading teacher on my team. This is the only subject I teach because we put a lot of focus on reading at my school. We also have a math/science teacher and a language/writing/social studies teacher on each team.

I am going to try to attach a couple copies of our class schedule. One is the teacher's schedule. This is my schedule telling me which class I have and the times they are with me. It includes my planning periods. The other is a schedule for my homeroom kids. Each student in my homeroom was given a copy of this on the first day of school. It tells them what teacher and subject they will be with and the times. It includes the times they will go to P.E., lunch, and any specials.

You will need to schedule your P.E. during the same block of time, your lunch during the same block of time, and specials during the same block of time. For example, everyone on my team has library during 1st period, just on different days. Everyone goes to lunch during 2nd period. Everyone goes to P.E. and art/counselor during 3rd period. So far, this schedule has really worked well for us this year.

Good luck with the planning! It will take a lot of hard work, but you will love it once it is all worked out! :)
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