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Pam from IL


I have been a sub for over 4 years in this one district - full time. I have done my share of cruddy assignments. been a TA and always done a great job. This is also the same district where I did my student teaching, hoping for a position - still unemployed so I returned to subbing this school year.

Unfortunately this district now uses a computerized way of making sub assignments - no more sub caller. People just log on to the system and book their own assignments. I think people either live on this system or have others book their assignments, as each time I try I can't find one.

Because I have not worked very much this year due to this new set up, I don't get into the schools much. Last week I was in the school and saw a notice for a full time sub - 2nd grade dated Oct. 30 - I immediately called to see if the position was still open and the principal never returned my call. I am assuming the position was filled.

Why didn't anyone think of me or let me know the position was open?
I feel like I have been slapped in the face. I can't believe this happened to me. What would you do?



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A cup of coffee cures all ills

(Although my profile says "sub," you should know I never subbed, I decided to volunteer instead, and will enter the credential porgram soon).

In my past (non-teaching) life, it seems to me that backdoors were the most rapid solution to any problem. I would be amazed that after four years of substituting that a) you do not have a serious bank of positive regard with various people and b)you do not at least a conversational relationship with poeple who can help you.

If practical, a phone call to a decision maker/mentor/person who pulls strings along the lines of "can I bring in coffee and muffins and talk to you for about fifteen minutes some time ?" could get you in the door (literally) and find out what you are doing right/wrong. Hopefully it is simply that the particular position was filled and that particular principal is not known for soft skills, such as calling/writing/e-mailing all apllicants to let them know the position was filled. It is possible that the very same person is a VIP and can make things happen for you. Based on various posts on this site, it seems like the real gatekeepers are the various secretaries, so it could be someone like that, or something more formal like the HR/hiring office of the local district.

I hope this uninformed opion helps.



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Keep trying!!!

I am subbing also on a computerized system that loves to hang up on me before I can answer the phone--most of my jobs are pre-arranged with teachers so I don't have to wait for the phone to ring to get a job...but still...I miss out a lot and my income is suffering.

I put applications in every school district in Colorado Springs when we moved here last summer from the east coast; however, I wasn't attractive to hire because it was murder trying to get my temporary license...(I mailed my application in May and didn't get my cert until Sept)...needless to say, by that time, the districts had hired their quota.

I went on a few interviews and a few of the principals never called me back; so, I called them to ask about the position. I think a lot of people have a problem telling someone they didn't get hired. But, I called to check for myself. I was very nice and asked if they had made a decision and when they told me that they hired someone else, I thanked them for the interview and asked them to keep me in mind if any other positions came open in the future.

I make sure to leave a current resume and several business cards that state that I am looking for a permanent position at every school I sub at. I also call the administration office regularly to make sure that my application is updated and I am ready in case something comes open. I usually go down there about once a month to check the job vacancy board because usually they won't post those on the internet in a timely manner. Also, at every school, I make sure to introduce myself to the prinicipal and the assistant principal. At one school, the assistant principal has been very nice and has been mentoring me and recommending me for jobs that come open--I've been on a few interviews but haven't got hired yet. I feel confident that I have a solid reputation as a good substitute teacher so I think this next year I have a good chance.

Get your face out there and network...and leave those cards and resumes everywhere! Sooner or later, I know you'll get hired! Good luck!


Hello, Can you tell me that website or district that have that automated computerized system I am sub looking for work.

Please help thanks


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Yeah! Keep trying!

However, my question is why do you insist in working in that district only? I don't know where you are or maybe you don't have the possibility to apply for other districts. In my case, I work for 3 districts and also for 2 private companies. What I mean, if don't get any call to work on any of those districts the ones that pay better, so, what I do is to call at the companies, by 7:00 a.m. and they have an open assignment almost everytime, why? because they don't pay good, but what i think is that it is better to make a few money that nothing