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temporary vs. permanent sub



I was a second grade teacher for about a year when I had to suddenly move. The new city had no teaching jobs available and so I was hired as a "floating sub". Whenever a teacher from grades JK-6 is out, I take over and sub the class. I am in grades 1 and 2 most often and I already know those kids very well. At first the constant moving around was pretty awful but I did a lot of research and found some great resources to keep the kids busy, happy and learning.
Now however, the first grade teacher is leaving on maternity leave and I am getting her class. Now I have real lessons to teach and I can't spend so much time with 'fun' activities and fillers. The problem is is that the class still sees me as a sub and they aren't really intersted in having me as a real teacher.
Any ideas on how to 'hook' them and get them interested in really learning and not just filling up the day 'til it's time to go home?!

Thank you


Real vs Substitute

I have done many long terms, act the part of a real teacher; dress like one, and carry yourself like one, and the kids will eventually accept you as one. Spend the first few days going over your routines over and over, until the kids start reacting automatically. I know this is not easy but over time I know you will succeed!

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Hence the reason I've never used filler or sponge activities as a sub. Just go in, act like a "real" teacher and save the fun stuff for a reward.



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I agree with TG.

Act like a real teacher...routine is VERY important. They have to know that you are the boss now...and not just a fun sub. At the same time, don't be afraid to make the activities fun...you just have to make them worthwhile and not filler activities. I hope everything works out for you! Good luck with your new class! :)