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I give this to my kids the last week in March. I do not know what to expect. This is the first time first grades at my school are being tested. Do plan "fun stuff" and go off the track from the normal reading, math etc. Or do I juggle my schedule and plan to do the normal routines after testing as much as possible? Any feed back will be appreciated.


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Hi there, in Tampa all first and second grades take the Stanford Test, this year they are testing all week long. I don't give my kids homework, I just have them read a book at night. Also, after the test I give them a little treat, I still do some teaching but I make it fun, we play Bingo, do shaving cream words on desk, and other things like that. I think testing at this age is ridiculous. We do get a practice test so I make sure to give it to them and let them know that it's not a big deal. It's like any other test we take in class. Good luck. Hope this helps.


First grade testing

I teach in Oregon. I can not even imagine trying to test my first graders this year. They came from K with little skill in all areas. How do they take the test? Paper pencil, or do you read it to them??? What does your state/district do with the data? Does the test influence your teaching? Just curious:-) Our school just had the "Chalk Board" group come to visit our school. We all thought how great that a national group would come and visit. Then after a bit of research found out they want teacher pay based on test scores. I am not an expert but sounds a bit scary because what about the parent side of student success. Have fun this week and good luck.........................


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I will be giving my students this test the week after next. This will be the 2nd year for giving this test. I feel that this test is HARD. The students have parts where they are timed to read a story and answer questions. Students also have constructed reponses in FIRST GRADE!!! I will test in the morning and then do recess and specials in the afternoon as normal BUT I will not make my kids do paper work or reading in the afternoon. We will do activities. Last year, I found that my kids were wiped out after the test. I try to make the afternoon a time where my lower kids felt successful. They were very discouraged after the test because the timed stories were too hard and they didn't have enough time to read and answer the questions. I feel that it is a lot of pressure on 6 and 7 year olds.