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Terrarium: How to?


NYC teacher

I would like o make an easy terrarium with my fourth graders out of soda bottles. But I never did this before, does anyone have any ideas or guidlines to follow. I would like to keep it as easy as possible. Thanks


Easy terrarium

Directions for a soda bottle plants only terrarium

Each child will need two bottles of the same size.The bigger soda bottles will do nicely.( Are they 2 qt or 2 liters?). Clear or green will work. Cut off the necks and bottle mouths. You will need sharp scissors. Pierce the bottle and cut around about half way down.Maybe it would be best if you or another adult did this. You will have two bottoms and you can fit one bottom in the other to make the terrarium. One bottle bottom will be the bottom of the terrarium and the other will be the dome like top. The two parts are plastic so you will be able to bend or squeeze one into the top of the other to make the dome.Just push it down into the top of the other an inch or two to make the dome top. If the two won't fit one into another then used some of the wider clear tape to tape on the top. I would try each method before hand to see which works best.

Before putting on the top you will need potting soil and some plants of course! I usually get cuttings from my house plants for the kids to plant. I start them in water 2 weeks before hand so they are starting to root. I used philodendron and pothos cuttings. Put in the soil and one or two small cuttings. One small plant should be enough. The plant will grow and you don't want the terrarium to be over crowded. Mist with water and put on the top. Try not to over water because it will be a closed environment and will not need much water.

It's easy. I've done this with fifth and six graders. I hope you have a large long window sill for all the terrariums. BN