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Tesselation Project



I am introducing tesselations this week - and I want to send home large construction paper and have students design their own tesselation and develop it on the construction paper.

I am just not sure what I want all the requirements to be - anyone done this before?




So sorry that nobody replied to you in time. That happens a lot here.

In any case, I just did tesselations last Monday. It takes an hour to do as an in class demo. I show students how to nibble the sides of the small manilla square I have given them and then they are to trace the shape all over their large construction paper. Do this all in class so that you can monitor it. Many of them slide their nibbles incorrectly and get frustrated. Than after they have traced, they are to make their shapes into something and color it. It takes quite a long time. I hope it went well. Keep some to show as examples for next year.


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I have have done a unit using squares, triangles and hexagons. We go over the basic moves. Take the "nibble" and either slide, flip or rotate it. The students then make their own template. I use cereal boxes. They are easy to cut and stronger than construction paper so they hold up for the tracing.
Next we look at some of Escher's stuff and do a bird or lizard.