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Testing treats


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Do you give your kids any cute goodie bags the week of Standardize Testing? I've seen them with Smarties, but I can't remember what else was in there.

My kids make a "testing" snack mix. They bring in things to put in it (except peanuts) and we mix it together. We serve it in cups each day. They love to see what they get in their cups and figure out how many of each thing they get. I make sure that no ones hands touch the mixture.

They bring:
Fruit loops
Captain Crunch
M and Ms
Licorice bites

and anything else they can think of. Yes, there is sugar in it. It's once a year, and it is such a special treat for them. Siblings from former classes tell my present students. It has become a real tradition.


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Smart Cookies

WE have "SMART" cookie cards we keep on our desks. They feature a gingerbread boy or girl with the word smart going down the left side.

Spend your time wisely
Mark the best choice
Always do your best
Recheck your work
Thing positively

We review the cards before each testing session and end the sessions with an cookie.

Lisa A

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We contacted a local grocery store and they provide snacks for every student during standardized testing. Some things they send are bananas, indvidual bags of chips, fruit roll-ups, granola bars,individual boxes of cereal, Little Debbie cakes, etc. It is very nice and then the classes draw and write thank you notes which are posted in the store. It's positive for both groups! If you have more than one grocery store in your town, they will all want to contribute and it isn't too much for any one store to do one day!!!! We only have one store and they do it everyday for every student!!!!:)



Hi Lisa,

Do the students eat these snacks before testing or after testing? Thanks!

Lisa A

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We usually eat them between testing sessions when we take a break. we usually test in the morning so after the first hour or so of testing we take a 10-15 minute break, give the children a snack, restroom break and then test for another hour or so. We never test past noon.


posititve promotions

If you go to positivepromotions.com they have all kinds of treats with cute sayings on them - I am not going to order a whole weeks worth but I will probably get one or two!